Best portable basketball hoop for driveway

Basketball has been a very popular game since 1891. It has become an intrinsic part of the American culture after 1946. The professional game started emerging after basketball was accepted in the school and colleges with so much of interest. Currently, it is played both indoor and outdoor. Irrespective of whatever the pattern is, one needs to practice it regularly to be a superb player. If you have a portable outdoor basketball hoop in your driveway then you may play whenever you want. In the case of moving your house to another place, you can take it with you and reinstall on a suitable ground. There are a lot of brands offer high quality, that is the Best portable basketball hoop for driveway. These hoop systems vary from their shape and prices. We bring you basketball hoops of 3 different price ranges with descriptions for making you choose the perfect one for your home. At the same time, basketball hoop in driveway make your driveway more gorgeous then ever.

Best portable basketball hoop under 300

If you are looking for a basketball hoop which will cost you at a lower rate, then you may buy one of these two.

Lifetime 71522 Competition XL Portable Basketball System

This portable Basketball hoop backboard is acrylic made which is 54 inch. For extra strength and sustain, it has the steel frame. If you are eager to buy a quality Basketball hoop with a moderate price which includes competitive game and easy dunking then you may go for Lifetime 71522 Portable Basketball System.

Features It Has:

  • It adjusts height from 7.5 to 10 feet.
  • The dimension of the backboard is 54"x33"x1.5" and made of strong acrylic.
  • It has a Slam-It rim which is solid-steel with double compression springs and the hooks are properly welded.
  • 3 piece support poles that withstand rust or corrosion having the diameter of 3.5 inches and its net has resistant against fading.
  • It can be placed to 35 gallon XL base that can be filled with water or sand.
  • It has 5 years warranty.
Lifetime 71522 Competition XL Portable Basketball System, 54 Inch Acrylic Backboard1

Things we like about it:

  • The hoop is durable as its support pole is covered with rust resistant material.
  • The backboard is shatterproof and UV protected.
  • Wheels on the gallon base make comfortable transportation.
  • The springs are protected from rusting with the rim cover.


  • Its design might not allow for much room for some players.
  • The uncovered base may cause injury or trip to the players.
  • The support pole is angled to 90 degree which is prone to tip.
Lifetime 71522 Competition XL Portable Basketball System, 54 Inch Acrylic Backboard2

This is the most flexible and reliable basketball hoop and has all the capability give highest enjoyment during play. Another notable thing of this model is its portability. Resulting, you can move it anywhere in need and easily set it for instantly start the game.

Lifetime 1529 Courtside Base Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System:

If you want your kids to learn basketball playing for the very first time with not a basketball hoop which is unnecessarily expensive Lifetime 1529 Portable Basketball System is a good choice for you.

Lifetime 1529 Courtside Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 50 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Features It Has:

  • It's backboard is shatter proof with 50" x 30" x 2" dimension.
  • 3 piece rust resistant supporting pole.
  • Rim with spring-back facilities which can take the slam.
  • With 6 inches increment, it has a height adjustment from 8 to 10 feet.
  • It has a capacity of 27 gallon to be filled with either water or sand for placement purpose.
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty.

Things we like about it:

  • Its price is reasonable for almost all types of people.
  • The hoop is long lasting as it has a rust resistant coating.
  • Its warranty for 5 years ensures good manufacturer coverage.
  • Transportation is easy for the wheels on the base.


  • The backboard which is polycarbonate made can’t perform like that of tempered glass.
  • Exposed spring can be at the risk of oxidation.
  • For lowering the tipping risk the base with 27-gallon capacity is much smaller.

Best portable basketball hoop for driveway

For those who are interested to buy a quality hoop yet at a medium budget, the following hoop can be chosen.

Spalding Portable Basketball System – 60″ Aluminum Trim Acrylic Backboard:

Spalding is the most popular brand for basketball hoops for a long time. If you want to buy a hoop from this manufacturer, then Spalding 60 Inch Portable Basketball System can be a better option for you as its price is quite average for people. This is also the best basketball hoop in driveway and makes your driveway more enjoyable. 

Spalding In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 60 x 38-Inch

Features It Has:

  • It has 60-inch backboard acrylic
  • Screw jack lift system has a height adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet.
  • Arena Slam breakaway rim that is steel framed.
  • 3 piece round steel pole which is 3.5 inches thick.
  • Base capacity is 40 gallon which is filled with water or sand.

Things we like about it:

  • Extra padding for light duty increases safety situating bottom of the backboard.
  • For keeping the hoop in place, the filling base is large enough.
  • Height adjustment is easy with the screw jack lift.
  • The backboard offers enough space for rebound.


  • 3 piece support pole is not up to the mark as expected.

Best portable adjustable basketball hoop

If you are looking for a high graded basketball hoop for professional game and you don’t want to compromise on the budget then you can certainly think for Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop.

Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop:

This brand ensures the longevity of the hoop with all its outstanding features. Its tempered glass backboard gives the best performance which is required. It's Pro Image breakaway rim will make you do high flying dunks so easily with the spring encased in a steel frame.

Spalding NBA The Beast Portable Basketball System 60 inch Glass Backboard

Features It Has:

  • The 60-inch backboard is made of the best backboard material-tempered glass.
  • The front inset cover of the base can be used as a handle for a rebounder and a pre-play movement.
  • 2 pieces support pole are 5-inch square angled with the screw to act as water level gauge cap.
  • Its height adjustment is from 7.5 to 10 feet.
  • Pro Image breakaway rim with an all-weather white net.
  • It has one of the largest basketball bases available in the market- 50+ gallon capacity base can be filled with water or sand.

Things we like about it:

  • The tempered glass backboard can perform notably better than that of acrylic and polycarbonate.
  • 2 pieces support poles to make the system more settled by reducing vibrations while playing.
  • The larger base filled with water or sand is less likely to tipping.


  • The tempered glass backboard is not durable enough though its backboard gives an excellent performance for the years to come.
  • It has no backboard padding lining which could ensure some added safety measures.
There Are Some Other Height Adjustable Best Basketball Hoop For Driveway

Final Verdict:

The portable basketball system is a great fun arrangement for the kids of yours and neighbors’ around. It can generate sometimes a family tournament also. So, naturally, people are getting attracted to buy and place a basketball hoop on their driveway. Before deciding to which model you are going to buy, you need to go through some of the important features of the trending models of the current market. So we bring you some of the renowned manufacturers’ basketball hoops review and categorized them according to their prices. We hope, it will lessen your hassle to pick the Best portable basketball hoop for the driveway.

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