Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Most of the kids are fond of playing basketball. Are you looking for a nice gift that your kids will love? Then Jump Slammer basketball hoop is the right choice. The Jump Slammer Trampoline is an ultimate addition to your Trampoline Basketball Hoop. It will give your child something fun to do. It is an exciting and engaging way to practice. Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer is the right option for younger children. Your child may love this new spin on an old game. It is a suitable basketball hoop for toddlers. So, teenagers and even adults may use it as well. The trampoline basketball goal is designed to create a safe and fun environment for your children. Where the player can play and slam dunk the foam basketball. It is a perfect outdoor basketball hoop system for kids. This Pro Jump Slammer places a small net around the trampoline. The loss is pairing with a basketball hoop. This design makes it easier for your child to have fun. Like jumping, slam dunking and practicing shots. This product doesn't include a trampoline. Most trampoline brand is compatible with this Pro Slammer. There are a lot of trampoline options in the market. This review will take a depth look at the Pro Jump Slammer Trampoline pro slammer basketball hoop. This article helps you to know if the Trampoline Pro Jump is right for you or not. I hope it can make your decision easier.

Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Key Features:

  • Include with a foam ball
  • Adjustable to make it easier for younger kids
  • Adjustable to fit most enclosure pole types
  • The breakaway rim provides a safer and realistic play experience
  • Built of UV protected long lasting materials
  • For extra protection, the hoop is covered with foam
  • Free parts replacement
  • 90 days warranty

Best Features of Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Pro Jump Slammer is a unique and different basketball hoop. It has some specific features. The best considerable features of the item are-

Safety Flex Rim

Safety is an essential feature for any basketball hoop. Rim quality is also a vital part of the hoop system. Jumping on a trampoline can be a risky activity. Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer has a 10.5 inches plastic rim. This safety flex rim moves out for the way to prevent injury. It ensures a safer and realistic play experience in the heated moment.

Height Change System

It is an essential feature for the people who have kids. Any extra height will need more vigorous jumps. A trampoline outdoor basketball hoop can be adjustable to different heights. This option plays a considerable role. Height change creates a more fun and engaging play environment.

Durable Build

Durability is a considering feature of any hoop. Before buy, you need to check the product durability. Trampoline Pro Jump built of UV protected long lasting materials. The high-quality steel makes this hoop more durable and reliable. It ensures not fall apart while playing.

Include With Foam Ball

It is an excellent feature of the slammer. Trampoline Pro comes with a foam ball. It is safe and secure to use. Your kids can play with the softball. You need not worry about getting hurt or injury.

Adjustable With Different Poles

Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer can fit most standard enclosure pole types. Like straight pole, curved pole or arch type enclosure poles. The trampoline is also compatible with 1.5 inches or smaller poles.

Life-Time Warranty

Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer comes with 90 days warranty. It has a 30 days return policy. The return process is hassle-free. If you don't like the slammer for any reason, you can back. Even you can replace any broken or damaged parts. You can replace it at no cost. The risk-free buy is a nice feature of this product. 

Trampoline Basketball Hoop Best In Feature!

Pros and Cons of Pro Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Each product has an advantage and drawbacks. Pro Jump Slammer has excellent customer feedback. Few lacking are also identifying. Here the pros and cons are highlighting-


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a free foam ball
  • All hardware tools are including with it
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Sturdy product
  • Strong trampoline
  • Safety flex rim
  • UV protected
  • Long lasting material
  • Compatible with most trampoline brands
  • Good price
  • Easy replacement
  • Lifetime parts warranty


  • Need for a larger rectangular backboard
  • Few problems with durability and stability

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q: What is the backboard size?

Answer: The backboard is 40 inches wide and 21 inches tall. The design curves in shape.

Q: What size ball do I need?

Answer: This Trampoline Pro Jump comes with a small foam ball.

Q: What is the diameter of the rim?

Answer: The rim is big enough to fit the included small foam ball.

Q: Can this Pro Jump Slammer be mounted at the top of the pole or lower?

Answer: The Jump Slammer is adjustable in a vertical position. Kids of all ages can enjoy it.

Q: Is this Trampoline pro compatible with Sky-walker?

Answer: Yes, it is. The Jump Slammer Trampoline is compatible with most standard enclosure pole types.

Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoops

Final Verdicts

The Pro-Jump Slammer is a relatively finest product from Trampoline Pro basketball hoop system. It brings a new stage of amusing in your trampoline set. Pro Slammer is an outdoor basketball hoop system. It is an excellent addition to anyone's yard. The basketball goal fits on most trampoline poles. The offset bracket is a great addition. It keeps the goal vertical since some enclosure poles curve inward. The breakaway rim is a nice safety feature. Most customers like this trampoline system. They highly recommended this item. Almost every user satisfies with the product construction and durability. Anyone who wants to get up off the couch and outside to play can choose this system. This outdoor basketball hoop can be the perfect one. The user reviews of this item are quite positive. You can buy this product without hesitation. The trampoline provides a lifetime warranty with the replacement policy. So this item can be a good investment for your kids.

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