Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set

Basketball is a fun way for you and your family to exercise. It offers a way of improving your skill without traveling to the gym. The pro basketball set for kids from step 2 is a slam dunk. Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set; perfect for growing kids. That adjustable basketball hoop will grow as kids grow. This Basketball hoop for kids can use indoors at the shortest height. Then transition outdoors at its tallest height & that sports toy will motivate kids to get active by running, jumping or throwing a ball into the hoop. It is also a perfect basketball hoop for toddlers. With an adjustable rim, it provides years of play. It has three adjustable positions-four, five and six feet high. The rim adjusts from 48 inches to 72 inches. Shoot in hoop features a large backboard with an authentic woven net. This Step 2 basketball hoop is popular for its convenience flexibility and versatility. This hoop is perfect to buy if you have kids having interest in a hoops game. In this article, you will get all basic information about Step2 shoot in' Basketball Set. I hope it will make it easy to get a suitable basketball system for your family.

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set

Key Features

  • Large backboard with break-away rim and a real woven net
  • Includes with one inflated 6 inches basketball
  • The center pole fixture can adjust to a height of 48, 60 or 72 inches
  • Adjustable sizes-four, five and six feet positions
  • Easy to fix for growing children
  • The size-able stable base can weight down with sand or water
  • The bottom features built-in cup holders
  • Provides years of fun play
  • Made in the USA

Best Features of Step2 Shoot in' Hoops Pro Basketball Set

Large Backboard

Help little athletes get their basketball in the hoop with a large backboard to bounce off. Step2 Shoot in' Hoops comes with a 15.2 cm large backboard. The backboard also combines with the breakaway rim and woven net. The large backboard will aid their training by helping their shots fall into the hoop easier. It helps to give your kids an authentic basketball gaming experience.

Height Adjust System

Height adjust is the unique feature of the Step 2 Shoot in Hoop set. Adjustable post allows the hoop to go from 121.9 cm to 152.4 cm, then all the way to 182.9 cm. It means this system grow with your kids, assuring them of years of play and fun. It can adjust heights from 48-inches to 60-inches, to 72-inches. Height adjust is the top reason to choose the system.

Break Away Rim

Rim quality is a significant issue for any hoop system. This Step 2 Shoot has a break-away rim with a real woven net. The edge adjusts from 4 feet to 6 feet in height. It allows kids to master their dunking style. Your kids can try out jump shot. They can also make a slam dunk with this break-away rim.


The base of a portable system has great importance. Good support allows the hoop to stay strong. Step 2 Shoot set comes with a broad base. The base has built-in cup holders. It can weight down with water or sand. The game will remain stable even when kids play aggressively. The pole is thick and sturdy. The base has two holders where kids can place drinks or the ball when not playing.

Easy Assembly

Assembling a portable basketball hoop can be confusing. Step2 shoot in' Hoops Pro Basketball Set comes with explicit instruction. It is easy to follow. So the assembly process is straightforward. You need to maintain step by step instruction. Some quick adult assembly is required to get the system ready for use.

Safe Basketball

Safety is the priority for your kids. Step2 Shoot in' Hoops Pro includes a six inches basketball. The ball is light in weight and made with rubber. No possibilities of getting hurt or broken anything. It is suitable and safe for your kids. With this basketball, your kid will be pro in no time.

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set Best In features

Pros and Cons of Step2 Shoot in' Hoops Pro Basketball Set


  • A durable product
  • Made of good quality
  • Amazing to look
  • Easy to adjust up and down
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to move outside or inside
  • Perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers


  • The clips that hold extension on top are not much strong

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q: Does a regular size basketball work for this?
No, regular size ball will not work. You need big enough for the 8 inches. A 6 inches basketball include with the set.

Q: How much sand does it take to fill the base?
You need to use water. It is free and useful.

Q: Is the basketball comes with the set foam made?
No, the basketball is made with light rubber.

Q: Is it hard to assemble a Step2 basketball set?
No, It is effortless to assemble. The assembling instructions are also bright enough to follow.

Q: What size does basketball come with this Step2 Outdoor basketball hoop?
The basketball size is about 6 inches in diameter. It is suitable for 3-4 years old.

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set2

Final Words

Basketball can be a great source of entertainment for the entire family. It helps to increase physical exercise level of your family for a healthier lifestyle. Different types of basketball hoop are available in the market. Before buy, you have to consider your need, cost, and features. Finding the entire necessary thing you can choose the right basketball hoop. Step2 shoot in' Hoops Pro Basketball Set is versatile and affordable. It is the authentic USA made the product. Most users are happy with this product. There are also a few drawbacks, but they are not much serious. If you are looking for a durable, long lasting hoop set, you can buy Step 2 hoop set. Be a star with the all-new shoot in' Hoops Pro Basketball Set. Step 2 portable basketball hoop can be the best investment you can make.

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