Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System – 54” Glass Backboard - Spalding Portable Basketball Hoop

Odds are if you are familiar with basketball you are familiar with the brand Spalding. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball system with 54 inches Tempered Glass Backboard is another contribution of the renowned brand Spalding’s to the sport. This classic design has a sturdy 54-inch backboard is constructed using a tempered glass surface on a solid steel frame. Made for your best experience, it will help you work on any aspect of your game you want to work on like your jump shot or your high-flying slam dunk.

Spalding Portable Basketball Hoop

Product Features:

  • 54-inch width and 0.25mm Thick Steel Framed Tempered Glass Backboard with Authentic Board pad
  • Heavy duty steel frame with Arena Slam Breakaway Rim with Nylon White all-weather net in the hoop.
  • Three Round Pole with 3.5 Inch Diameter
  • 40 Gallon Capacity Base with Sand or Water for maximum stability.

A branded promise of quality 

Chances is that if you know basketball, then you know the brand name, Spalding. And true to its reputation, Spalding brings you the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball with the greatest qualities that you desire for your recreational sports needs. The Spalding NBA Portable Basketball features acrylic backboard with a steel frame to give the quality performance that you deserve. The materials are all weather proof, and the backboard is made of high-density polymer to ensure long-term performance.

Experience the feel of a Real NBA hoop

The name says it all, with the 54-inch backboard the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball system leaves little to the desire. You will have a huge surface to rebound on, and it also gives you a larger surface to practice your shots at. Also, the 40-gallon base is custom made for the maximum stability while keeping the mobility intact.

Get what you pay for

As oppose to the standard nondurable basketball systems in the market the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball is known for providing the customer with the best value. The features provided by the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball are not only user-friendly it will make you feel the whole product was made custom for you. Leaving petite to be desired this portable system will suit all your basketball needs with just the right price. And not to mention the Spalding 5 year limited warranty will service you to ensure that the product does not fail to meet your expectations.

Spalding Portable Basketball Hoop


Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System brings the new era of recreational basketball to your doorstep. Equipped with a sturdy 54-inch backboard constructed using a tempered glass surface on a solid steel frame most likely one of the strongest portable basketball systems in the market. The Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System’s adjustable height mechanics will allow you to work on any aspect of your basketball skills ranging from the high fliers to the jump shots. And its portable design not only provides the very steady product but the most convenient basketball system out there.


Reviews showed that it is a hassle to install. Users have complained it takes a long time to install the whole system for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the backboard shatterproof?

Answer: It is not shatterproof but the made of the very durable material which won’t break easily.

Question: Is this worth the buy? I don’t want a hoop that will just break after a month.

Answer: It will hold up. Most of the customer has provided the review of the product being consistent after a whole year of use.

Question: Which would be better to use for the base? Water or sand?

Answer: Most customers prefer water since it is easier to transport. If you do not plan on moving the product too much sand it the way to go.


With the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System with 60-inch Acrylic Backboard, Spalding is bringing you the best recreational portable basketball system sturdy and steady just like your trust in the brand you will not be disappointed with the product with your purchase be it for a friendly game of horse or a working on your favorite shot.

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