Spalding NBA the Beast Portable Basketball System – 60” Glass Backboard

That Basketball combo over your garage door is not working anymore? Too much obstruction overhead? Spalding has just the solution for you with their NBA ‘The Beast” Portable Basketball System you can take those worries outside and enjoy a decently fun game of basketball with your friends and family. This portable system has been constructed for maximum quality that provides you with top level strength with the tempered glass backboard and heavy duty steel made the body, mobility with the portable base and adjustability with the screw jack system setup.

Spalding NBA The Beast Portable Basketball System

Product Features:

  • Portable Basketball Hoop
  • 60” tempered glass backboard
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with aluminum trim
  • Two pieces. 5” square angled pole
  • Screw in water level gauge base caps
  • Pro Image breakaway rim
  • 50+ gallon capacity dual ballast base
  • Multi-wheels castors with engaging handle for easy portability
  • Adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet

Size and Power:

This is the first ever 60-inch portable glass backboard available in the market. The superior system does not only give you a huge backboard to throw at the glass that it is made of is tempered, and its reinforced authentic design mimics the one of a professional Basketball hoop. The 5 square inch angled pole, and four strut base mount gives you the best stability and strength available in any other system. The whole basketball system is strengthened with a heavy duty steel coat.

Easy installation and handling:

Using a portable basketball system has its perks the first being that it is incredibly easy to install requires almost no effort. As oppose to the exemplary methods that take a lot of work Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’ Portable Basketball System – 60” Glass Backboard can be set up very easily, and you don’t have to worry about cement drying or repositioning ever again. The portable base allows you to move the whole system at your whim, roll down to you driveway or to the side of the road or wherever you want to set up your personal basketball court.

Easiest to use Height Adjustment Unit:

Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’ Portable Basketball System introduces the innovative Screw jack system for height adjustment ranging from 7 and a half feet to 10 feet. This readily usable screw jack is user-friendly and can be adjusted with just one hand. It can also be removed to prevent any tampering.

Spalding NBA the Beast Portable Basketball System


Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’ Portable Basketball System with 60’’ Backboard is brought innovative design to the recreational sport to your doorstep. It is equipped with a heavy 60-inch backboard is reinforced constructing a sturdy steel frame would give you the experience of using the most stable portable basketball system ever. The beast’s adjustable height mechanics comes fully equipped with a screw jack technology that will allow you to work on any aspect of your basketball skills ranging from the high fliers to the three-pointers. And its portable design is fully capable of competing with any other portable basketball system out there.


Some customers have complained about the backboard no being perpendicular to the ground. And in few of the products the top pole has been incorrectly labeled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the dimensions of the base?

Answer: It is 60 inchx34 Inch

Question: How easy is it to move? Can I put it in the garage every time I use?

Answer: It is somewhat easy to move if you end up removing the filling from the base every time you use it you can totally manage to do that.

Question: What are the dimensions of the boxes that it is shipped in? I need to know if it can be fit through a regular door?

Answer: Yes they can be. They will arrive on palate might take two people to move it though since it is quite thick.

Question: Which would be better to use for the base? Water or sand?

Answer: Most customers prefer water since it is easier to transport. If you do not plan on moving the product too much, sand it the way to go.


The perfect replacement for your old school in the ground or over the garage basketball hoops The Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’ Portable Basketball System with 60” Glass Backboard not only provides you a huge rebounding base it gives you the feel and experience of using a professional basketball hoop. It is very easy to install that you will go through the setup process very quickly and end up playing in no time. The height adjustment unit lets you choose a suitable height ranging from 7 feet to 10 feet giving you the option to decide on which aspect of the game you want to work on. Definitely recommended for playing with family and friends you will not be disappointed.

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