Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Mini basketball, day by day treated as more popular basketball gaming option for those who want to play basketball with their kids and family members even in own leisure time during work to reduce the stresses. Especially, Mini Basketball Hoop for Door is the most popular than ever nowadays. At the same time, if you want your kids to play basketball as like as giant player Stephen curry and other most popular players; then this mini over the door basketball hoop can helps you to develop your kid's essential hand and eye coordination skills. So, these door basketball hoops ultimately help you to give your kid basketball training. The most important thing about this door basketball hoops is; it can install any door of your home and even in office.

In the meantime, these basketball hoops installation cost is low as like the whole hoop system comes with the lower price. Say for example; the Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop! We were hundred percent sure that you like and love to buy this one for your home to play basketball with family, kids, and friends because of its unique features and others aspects like lower cost with higher quality.

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Key Features:

  • Its stainless steel made mini basketball hoop for the door.
  • This cool basketball hoop comes with 1 by 4 inches scale of NBA game backboard, and its 9-inch diameter steel breakaway rim makes this one small basketball hoop for any door installation.
  • The overall dimension of Polycarbonate Backboard 18 inches X 10.5 inches.
  • The slam Jam breakaway rim design makes this one most lucrative mini hoops to buy.
  • This basketball hoop door is accessible to mounts with the pre-assembled bracket and over the door foam padded bracket.
  • This dynamic door basketball hoop system comes with 4 inches rubber basketball. It also includes the tool for easy hoop assembly. That leads to reduce your basketball hoop installation cost.

Materials Used

This Spalding NBA Slam Jam Mini basketball hoop comes with the stainless steel materials that make it stronger and suitable for kid's jumper. Resulting, you can run this door mini basketball hoop as basketball training equipment to teach your children about techniques and game plan of professional basketball; without getting any tension regarding natural breakdown. Because this unit is the best basketball training programs system for your kids. It takes the professional game into your home. This Spalding NBA Slam Jam Mini Basketball Hoop also comes with polycarbonate backboard as, like the same dimensions and design of the NBA official backboard, that's why; this unit can give you the same feeling of NBA experience right on your doorway.

Included all Set

This unit comes with the NBA replica Game Ball which is 4 inches rubber basketball. This basketball also designed with the look of real NBA basketballs with the featuring of NBA Logo man graphics. Resulting, you can feel the same feeling of actual NBA game that Stephen curry thought during the NBA championship.

Padded Door Hooks

This unit comes a door protector called padded door hooks that save your door from scuffing. Whatever you play the game during office break time or kids play alone these pads helps to protect your doorway from any damages that can happen during the basketball game.

Smaller in backboard dimension and wait

That is another notable feature of this unit. It comes with the smallest size which is all around 18 inches X 10.50 inches, and the wait is all around 3.9 pounds. Resulting you can quickly set it on your door and give a chance to your kids to play a professional basketball game with possibility highest enjoyment.

Other Spalding NBA Basketball hoop You Can Choose


  • It made of steel that makes sure the longevity of the unit.
  • Your family and kids can enjoy the game with professional NBA game feeling.
  • Easily to assemble and no needs purchase anything to install this Spalding NBA Slam Jam Mini Basketball Hoop.
  • Lowest at a price.
  • Smallest in size that helps to install it anywhere at your home.


  • Balls are the little bit hard and make some noise when hits the backboard
    To install rubber pads with the boards can reduce the noise at maximum level.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How I can fix it to the door?

Answer: It is systemized to fix over the door. That means it’s similar to other types of hangers that you fixed for clothing.

Q: Are all the tools that required to fix it comes with the unit?

Answer: Yes buddy, all fixer required tools comes with the whole unit. So, you do not need to purchase the extra one to fix it over the door.

Q: I am living in the rented apartment so is it require any drilled holes?

Answer: No dear, it does not require any drilled holes or screws to fix this Spalding NBA Slam Jam Mini Basketball Hoop

Q: Is there any possibility to break backboard for continuous use?

Answer: No dear, the metal used on this backboard is polycarbonate which maintained on NBA games backboard. At the same time, its hoop made of steel, so it is strong enough to take gaming pressure in any way. So don't worry you can buy this one for more extended use.

Q: Is it comes with the fixed net?

Answer: No my friend, you can move or reassemble the net easily because this is just a net that locks around the real hoop. It's mainly along with the rim.

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In this Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop reviews, our team of experts from topical talks tries to analyze this specific Spalding basketball hoop mini doors hoop model features for your better understanding to decide to buy this one or not. In this mini doors basketball hoop reviews, we found that this one is ever best for spending leisure time with the joy of real basketball game. In the meantime, we found that, this one also a best training basketball hoop for your kids for learning the best basketball playing as like Stephen curry do. So, without taking any doubt, you can buy this one for your family, friends, and kids to give them a chance for feeling a touch of the real basketball game.

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