Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System - 54" Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard

The Basketball game! One of the most popular and enjoyed sports in the world especially in the USA. That is also a widely watched sports category in the whole world. That game played in any weather and it even playable at indoor or outdoor. This sports can playable for everyone. Now you may ask a question like is it performed by a child? The answer is yes. Because this basketball hoop manufacturer Spalding produces some Spalding NBA basketball hoop system for kids or child whatever you said. Now I want you to ask a question like: Do you know who is Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant or the NBA? If you know the answer, then you also know that these great basketball players played in the national basketball association (NBA) championship league. I know now you have a question in your mind what basketball system NBA used to run their championship or league? The answer is; NBA used Spalding NBA in-ground basketball system. For example; Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System – 54″ Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard or some other models made by the official basketball and backboard of the NBA.

Spalding NBA In-ground Basketball system - 54`` Aliminum Trim Glass Backboard

Key Feature

  • This Best in ground basketball hoop system comes with 54 inches X 32 Inches steel framed glass backboard with aluminum trim.
  • For superior rebound, this Spalding basketball hoop comes with ¼ inches thick tempered glass backboard.
  • This Spalding 88454G U-Turn lift system provides the flexibility of height adjustment from 7.5 inches to 10 inches.
  • For ensuring the maximum stability manufacturer provides two piece 4 Square feet steel pole and a ground sleeve anchor system for easy installation for getting the best performance.
  • The backboard has 2 feet offset from the pole and 54 inches glass basketball system includes 4 inches square steel Pole and a pro image breakaway rim ensure a recreational level of performance.

Heavy Duty NBA Professional system

This Spalding 54 inches portable basketball hoop comes with steel framed with a tempered glass backboard for ensuring gaming enjoyment of professional league like NBA championship. That in ground basketball hoops designed survive the wear and tear for most dedicated players like Stephen Curry or robe. The manufacture like Spalding makes this for getting the professional feel during every bit of the game even in any weather condition.

Key Specifications

This Spalding in-ground basketball goal system comes with 54 inches Board. The board frame size is ¼ Inches with tempered glass. For under the hoop play it comes with 2 inches board offset. This Spalding basketball hoop is also a height adjustment portable basketball hoop system with U-turn facility. The lift handle made with the removable facility. The pole size number is 2pc with is square. The manufacturer manufactures it with the steel pole. The basketball rim style comes with pro image rim. If you search on Google, you can see that the Spalding produces many models of in-ground basketball goals system and this unit model number is Spalding 88454G in ground portable basketball hoop system.

What are the differences between Spalding 88454G VS Spalding 88365 Basketball System?

Both Spalding basketball hoop systems are the top choice for home use. But these two different model have two significant differences.

Firstly, the backboard of Spalding 88365 is acrylic where Spalding 88454G made with tempered glass backboard. In the research from expert opinion, we have found that the tempered glass provides better bounce as compared to the acrylic backboard. On the other hand, the acrylic board tends to hold-up better to more aggressive conditions.

Secondly, this two best in ground basketball hoops comes with difference pole structure. The 88365 has 3 pieces of the pole, and the Spalding 88454G has 2 pieces of a pole. And about the pole pieces, the fewer pole pieces helps to reduce the movement in the system and to make the system more rigid than ever.

Other Spalding NBA Basketball hoop You Can Choose


  • Spalding 88454G make with glass backboard. Resulting, it will more be bouncing as compare to acrylic or polycarbonate or other materials backboard.
  • This unit U-lift system of the hoop is highly adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet.
  • For ensuring the more playing space, the backboard offset from the pole.
  • This Spalding 88454G comes with the heavy duty Spalding Professional duty rim which means it gives the professional feeling of the basketball game in every bit of the game.
  • The steel square pole assures the extra strength which gives the liberty to play any weather conditions.


  • Sometimes for the amateur installer, 2 pieces of poles don't easy to install as the manual said.
    Better to call an expert to install it.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Instead of the included pole can U-turn bracket mount to a wall?

Answer: No, you can’t do it without some separate mounting kits. The pole is one of the best features of this Spalding in ground basketball hoop system, and this specific model comes with a sturdy square pole. So, if you wish to mount the basket to a wall, you have to buy some separate kits. But it can make some hassle to use and increase expenses. It's better to buy the whole system that offers from the manufacturer to get the professional performance.

Q: If the glass broke can I order replacement glass?

Answer: Yes, of course, the replacement glass is available from the manufacturer, and you can buy it for Amazon at any time. Also check out quality movable basketball hoop list.

Q: Does the tempered glass basketball hoop suitable for any weather?

Answer: Yes dear, this model from Spalding NBA basketball hoop suitable for any weather and it stays sharp and flat enough. That’s a big deal to our experts.

Final Verdict

If you wish to play basketball in the home and want to feel the professional gaming experience, then this Spalding 88454G in ground portable basketball hoop is the best one to install at your house. It is cheaper professional basketball hoop as compared to its higher quality and longevity. The manufacturer of this unit built it with the standard of NBA (National Basketball Association).

This model is perfect for all age like adult, kids, and teenager to play a pro-basketball game with NBA feel for practice and enhancing their skills. The Spalding brand does not compromise quality because the Spalding is an official provider for biggest leagues and worldwide association including the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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