Spalding 888 inch Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop System

​The ​Spalding 888 inch Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop System in 3 different board size like 54 inches, 60 inches & 72 inches board. It designed with steel framed tempered glass backboard for assuring top Re-bouncing performance. The unique features of this Spalding 888 series J bolt anchoring system that makes the installation process more comfortable and able to give the springing performance at maximum level. For its U-turn Pro lift system, the NBA professionals called this one is the best in ground basketball hoop for getting the best pro-performance. So if you want a durable, NBA Branded pole Spalding basketball in ground hoop system than this one doesn’t escape your eyes for sure.

Spalding In-Ground Basketball System with Glass Backboard, 60 x 38-Inch

Key Feature:

  • The Spalding 888 series comes with 60 inches X 38 steel framed glass backboard with aluminum trim. And 3/8 inches thick tempered glass backboard for superior rebound.​
  • ​It comes with U-Turn Professional lift system which provides infinite height adjustment from 7 inches to 10 inches.
  • ​To maximize the stability, this Spalding 888 has One Piece 6 inches square steel pole.
  • ​For easy installation and leveling the pole, it comes with the J-Bolt anchor system.
  • ​Three feet backboard offset from the pole.
  • ​To increase the institutional level of performance manufacture includes flex slam Breakaway rim with heavy duty Spalding NBA pole pad.

Materials for Stability

This Spalding basketball hoop made with steel which ensures the longevity and durability for an extended period. At the same time, steel framed tempered glass backboard more flexible for installation than any other hoops. The 6 inches square support pole and the U-Turn Professional lift system and detachable crank provide the flexibility to infinite height adjustment from 7 inches to 10 inches resulting its suitable for any level of players.

What includes the whole systems

This system comes fully equipped, so you don't need to purchase anything for completion of installation. It comes with a steel pole, glass backboard, rim, basketball net and pole pad. So when you got the package in hand, you can install it anytime you want to fix it.  The Spalding 888 Series In-Ground Basketball System heavy duty and able to take an aggressive play like NBA Professional players play. The U-lift professional mechanism allows your family members grow this hoop and also can grow alongside them allowing for years of use.

Tips for Installation

As we said before this Spalding 888 NBA basketball hoop Installation pretty easy but probably you need to recruit or call few friends to come for helping because this Spalding 888 pretty heavy as compared to another model. After thorough, in-depth research, our team of expert gives you suggestions for digging minimum 24 inches deep hole for longevity and ensure stability; it's better to dig 30 inches deep. When excavation is ready for system installation, the anchor bolt system makes the set-up process simple.

User Experiences highlights

​When we were researching on this specific Spalding NBA in ground basketball hoop model, we have found that existing user is pleased to use it. At the same time, existing users said on their fantastic reviews that This Spalding 888 series easy to install and this unit comes with beautifully designed and durability for long run uninterrupted use. This Outdoor basketball hoop system must a top Spalding basketball hoop model for your families with young kids and professional athletes like NBA Players. If you want to spend some practice time with a professional basketball hoop; when you away from the gym this one is the undoubtedly best one. When we were researching on google, we have found that all of the existing customers said that this portable basketball hoop met and exceeded their expectations at absolute right faith level.

​Other NBA Associated Spalding Basketball Hoop:


  • ​As compared to all available materials backboard in the market the tempered glass backboard provides the best performance for sure.
  • ​To make sure the stability of the whole system the J-Bolt anchoring system is the best feature from its manufacture.
  • ​Comes with the weather resistant net & Spalding Flex Breakaway rim that enrich the flexibility of use it in any weather and condition.
  • ​That unit is the Official basketball system producer of the NBA. At the same time, it suitable for home use also.
  • ​It has beautiful design and safety pole padding that enhance the space saving opportunity and safety issue.
  • ​The adjustable height facility ensures the usefulness of young kids and also able to score the basketball goal practice easily. That’s why this also called adjustable basketball goal system because you can quickly adjust the height of basketball hoop called Spalding 888 series portable basketball hoop.


  • The backboard is quite heavy so you may need some friend's bits of help during the installation.
  • It’s a pretty expensive Spalding NBA basketball hoop as compared to another similar model.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Can I install this system in an indoor court?

Answer: Yes dear, you can easily install it on an indoor court. But you need to dig down at least 24 inches with right tools. Otherwise, that's not strong enough.

Q: Does whole package includes anchor kit with rebar?

Answer: Hello, buddy. That's an important question you need know. Your answer is no. You have to purchase it separately if required. You can order at the same time.

Question: If I move can this system possible to relocate? I mean to say; is it a portable basketball hoop?

​Answer: Yes dear, you can quickly relocate this one anywhere you want to install of this Spalding 888 inch Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop System. But have to make sure that, you unscrewed the system correctly.

Video: ​How To Install A In-ground Basketball Hoop?

Final Thoughts

​If you are searching for a basketball hoop in ground to get the NBA quality professional playing feel then this Spalding 888 Series In-Ground Basketball System is the best basketball hoop as compared to the others similar category portable basketball hoop. When we research thoroughly, we have found that this Spalding 888 basketball hoop series comes with strongest Spalding basketball backboard, top line safety features, the straightforward procedure of installation, and endorsement from the National Basketball Association (NBA). So without taking any doubt, you can buy that one for fulfilling your professional basketball gaming feel. At the same time, you can use it as a basketball training aids for your kids.

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