SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop with Foam Ball

Different types of games are a great way to keep your kid active and fit. Like all games, basketball is very well known. It is a great pleasure for your kids. Your kid can play in front of your eyes if you have this product. Without hanging a hoop, it is not possible to play. The demand for best indoor mini basketball hoop has been on the rise. Various brands are present in the market to fulfill your requirement. But all are may not be a match or suitable for you. In the basketball hoop system, SKLZ is a well-known brand. They provide pro mini micro hoop over the past few years. This mini micro is suitable for an indoor game. This mini basketball hoop for door allows you to enjoy the hoops game at home or office. It is a neat outdoor basketball hoop. The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop weighs only 3 pounds. It can set up on any door or wall without causing any damage. It has foam padded brackets to hang. This mini hoop is most suitable for little kids. It is also a proper basketball hoop for toddlers. Who are not of greater height and do not need any supporting pole system. This Mini set comes with a foam ball. Its break-away rim allows for layups; a bank shot and more. It has 15”*10” backboard and door hooks. You need to hook the hoop over your door. It is a rapid and easy setup. Going for unlimited fun is ready. You don't need to worry to protect your door from dents and scrapes. You can focus on your game. Considering all this you can choose this SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop. This article will provide you with all the necessary information. To make your decision, it can be helpful.

SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop with Foam Ball

Key Features:

  • Mini basketball hoop
  • Ideal hoop for rooms, bedrooms or office
  • Shatterproof 15*10 inches clear polycarbonate backboard
  • Comes with 4 inches foam mini basketball
  • Foam padding on the backboard for door protection
  • 8 inches Steel break-away rim with 3-ply nylon net
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Features pro-style replica graphics
  • 1-year limited warranty

Best Features of SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop System:

Great Indoor Play

The SKLZ Pro Mini is perfect indoor stuff. It is known as over the door basketball hoop. This Pro Mini is suitable in your bedroom, basement, and playroom or at the office. You can shoot from your office desk, living room or bedroom. Its high-quality hoop and metal rim ensure solid shots. It is easy and quick fun.

Shatterproof Backboard

SKLZ Pro Mini Micro comes with 15*10 inches backboard. This board made of clear shatterproof polycarbonate. It is durable for years of fun. The hoop has padded brackets on the backboard to secure your door. So the only damage you do, to your opponent’s ego.

Break-Away Rim

SKLZ Mini has an 8 inches diameter spring action break-away rim. It is an excellent rim quality. You can practice your technique more and more. The spring will bounce back into the place once the shot is making. This rim ensures practice game or challenge.

Quick Installation

SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop System is very easy to install. Quick assembly and easy mounting are the best features of this system. This process is hassle-free and fast. The break-away rim and foam ball arrives deflated. You need to set it up, and it is ready to play. You will be shooting hoops in no time.

Unlimited Fun Game

The SKLZ Pro Hoop Micro will guarantee hours of fun for all because the SKLZ dedicated to bringing the ultimate mini basketball set. You can ball any time the impulse strikes you. It only depends on how much game you have.

SKLZ Pro Mini Micro shatterproof polycarbonate Backboard

Pros and Cons of SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop System

SKLZ Pro Mini is a neat basketball hoop system. Most users are happy with this stuff. Little user mention problems in their reviews. Those are not a serious issue. Here the pros and cons are highlighting.


  • The backboard and hoop are solid and sturdy
  • Comes with a foam basketball
  • No marks left on the door
  • The assembly is quite straight forward
  • It's not take up a lot of space
  • Great Basketball hoop for toddlers


  • The rim is a little bit small
  • Need to reassemble every time if the place of circle needs changing
  • The ball is high but a little bit heavy for kids

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q:  What is the rim diameter of this SKLZ Pro Mini?

Answer: The rim diameter is 8 inches.

Q: Does the ball come inflated?

Answer: SKLZ Pro Mini comes with a foam ball. So inflating needed.

Q: Can it be easy to remove the hoop from hanging over the door?

Answer: Of course. It is easy to remove.

Q: What is the backboard like plastic or glass?

Answer: It is plastic and allows little flex without breaking.

Q: Can the height adjustable in the SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop System?

Answer: No, you cannot adjust the height. It hangs over the door so, it depends on door height.

Final Decision

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop System is an appealing product. It is reliable and authentic. The rim metal has a beautiful spring in the rim. After Analyzing the pros and cons, you can decide to buy this hoop system. It rattles a lot on the door. I put a small cloth behind the backboard, and it solves the issue. This hoop comes in very handy. It doesn't take any massive space in your house. You can hoop almost everywhere you want. This pro mini system is safe for your kids. Most users found this hoop useful for them. It is a recommending product for anyone. After reading this article, you will get to know which product suits the best. It will make your choice job a bit easier. You can choose which product to choose according to your needs. You can buy this SKLZ Pro Mini Micro Hoop system. It can be a good investment for your kids.

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