sklz pro mini hoop System xl review

​Are you searching for a pro mini basketball hoop than this sklz pro mini hoop System xl over-the-door mini basketball hoop does not escape your eyes. As with the original pro mini basketball hoop, this sklz mini basketball hoop offers same features and quality but with a unique difference with a larger backboard for indoor severe basketball competition.  The durable polycarbonate backboard and steel rim enhance the professional look and suitable for home, office or dorm. This sklz basketball hoop comes with easy installation set up of the entire unit. That's great for mobile basketball play. So, by assembling this unit let your kids enjoy a good game of basketball; even when you’re outside on a camping trip with your kids and family member.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop W/Ball. 23”x16” Shatter Resistant Backboard

​Key Features:

  • ​This Sklz pro mini hoop comes with natural assembly process and it can mounting over-the-door.
  • ​That also a wall mount basketball hoop but have purchase wall mounting hardware separately.
  • ​The clear polycarbonate shatter-proof backboard overall size is 23 by 16 inches.
  • ​The spring-action break with a 9-inch diameter that away from the steel basketball rim.
  • ​To protect door, it comes with foam-pad and slides for easy door mounts.
  • ​The Professional style replica graphics give to look like the winner.
  • ​It includes heavy-duty 8 loops and three-ply nylon net for extended use.
  • ​​This SKLZ mini basketball hoop also includes 5-1/2 inches diameter mini basketball but has to purchase air pump separately.

Secure set-up facility for mobile Play

This SKLZ Mini basketball hoop manufacturer included all tools necessary and door mounts with this indoor mini basketball hoop. Resulting it’s easy to set up for over the door use. At the same time, the heavy-duty 8-loop net giving you the swish you as like as a professional game feel.

Shatter Resistant Backboard

The 23 inches X 16 inches backboard made by clear shatter resistant polycarbonate. It also includes protective foam padding and brackets to minimizing the possibility of damage to your door.

Play like a Pro with Guaranteed Fun

This Sklz mini indoor basketball hoop gives every player an ultimate basketball experience. By providing professional-grade basketball hoop, and 5.5 inches Pro Mini rubber ball. We know for getting hours of fun by playing basketball with this SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop XL because made for professional playing feel facility and designed with the ultimate durability. So, during play at home or office, you will get the maximum fun from this mini basketball hoop.

Includes Breakaway RIM

This SKLZ in-house basketball hoop 9.5 inches diameter spring action “break-away” steel rim allows you to practice anytime, anywhere. The spring instantly bounces the basketball rim back into place the time you shoot the basketball.

​This basketball hoop allows hard practice at Home

​That specific Pro Mini Hoop comes with the quickest assembly and secure mounting system so you can ball anytime you wanted to shoot basketball. These also help to practice your shot for perfection and challenge your friends to play a game with you.


  • ​Polycarbonate backboard and flexible steel rim makes your game more accessible.
  • ​This SKLZ pro mini hoop can tolerate swoosh of a dominant player and rough playing from kids.
  • ​Shatterproof backboard with metal brackets reduces noise.
  • ​It's a professional grade basketball hoop for an indoor basketball game.
  • ​You quickly set ​this SKLZ mini hoop up in your basement, bedroom, playroom, even at the office without any hassle.


  • No wall mounting hardware comes with this unit.
  • Solution: That so simple to solve. You can buy used hardware from the marketplace like Amazon if you have a problem to spend extra money to buy new equipment. Or otherwise, you can purchase new equipment too to play basketball with a professional feel.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Is my door will close correctly if I put it on the door?

Answer: Yes dear, of course, it will even it comes with padded foam system to protect your door.

Question: What is the fundamental difference between both X-Large and Standard?

Answer: Hello Dear, The only fundamental difference between this two mini portable basketball hoop is X-large bit bigger than standard mini basketball hoop, and it comes with a bigger basketball as compared to the standard one.

Question: My kids are a little bit naughty so can they dunk with this Mini Basketball Hoop for Door?

Answer: Don’t worry dear, the rim of this pro mini hoop sklz xl made by heavy duty Steel metal with the ability to handle any hits. So your kids can roughly dunk on this extraordinary mini portable basketball hoop.

Question: what minimum height ceilings length required for this product to used correctly?

Answer: Our team of expert found that 8 ft as a minimum and this height is suitable for 7 to 9 years of old kids otherwise it’s better to higher ceiling length is best to for that specific model of basketball for the door.

Question: Please specify the mini hoop diameter for me?

Answer: Hello buddy, the manufacturer of this sklz pro mini hoop System made with a polycarbonate backboard with diameter size 18 inches wide X 12 inches tall. It also comes with spring-action for flexibility, steel rim hoop Break-away with supportive 9 inches diameter including a 5 inches NBA Graphic basketball.

Question: Am I dribble the ball as like a regular basketball?

Answer: Of course dear, you can easily air it up. It's just small in size, but it’s real basketball.

Video: SKLZ Pro Mini hoop XL

Final Verdict

​The SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop XL is the best portable basketball hoop for practice your 3 pointers or free throws without the commitment of a full game on the court. Its strong and unique elements raise the ability to handle the swoosh of powerful athletes even the rough and tumble play of kids. You can set this in your playroom, bedroom, basement, or at the office to play a game of basketball in leisure time. The pre-installed over the door hooks give you guarantee to quickly set up for fun without facing up any hassle shots. The shatterproof polymer backboard and metal brackets come with the foam pad that helps to reduce noise pollution resulting you can shoot hoops any time of the day or night without bothering of your parents, neighbors, or coworkers. So at last of this basketball hoop reviews, we can say that keep your kids active in indoors, or you can take a few shots during the leisure period. This professional grade basketball hoop with a breakaway rim allows you, your kids and other friends and family members can do slam dunks, bank shots, layups, and more and more. So to get the maximum indoor basketball fun just set up this Sklz pro mini basketball hoop and start shooting the baskets in a matter of minutes.

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