Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

Nowadays indoor games are too popular. Basketball is exceptional among them. To practice this game, you need to start with a basketball hoop. To start as a rookie, you can start with a portable basketball system. It is ideal for practice. It is flexible and easy to adjust. This portable hoop is also very straightforward to move. Silverback is a well-known brand by Escalade Sports & they manufacture high quality mid-level in-ground basketball hoop for many years. Now they made a move into the portable basketball hoop. That hoop is different than any other portable basketball; resulting; most portable hoops cannot be compared to in-ground systems. Its greater portability hampers the strength and durability, so the Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop is different. This Silverback NXT is also the best in-ground basketball hoop & this system is available with a 50-inch or 54-inch backboard. The angle setup gives you under the basket with a reliable system. That helps to minimize vibration and movement. 

The strategic engineering & advanced technology of this goal make for faster assembly. The hoop is combining with improved rebound, superior strength, and excellent stability. Silverback went all out with their research. They create something unique and different. That is why this item can be the right choice for any basketball lovers. Compare the features with other you can understand why Silverback is the next big thing. We hope that; this basketball hoop review will be useful to you.

Silverback NXT 54 Backboard Portable Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop Assembles in 90 Minutes

Key Features:

  • Ultimate strength with Stabile-Frame steel-on-steel connection between the base and main pole.
  • Frameless infinity edge backboard offers a unique style
  • Very detailed instructions and parts are excellent packed and labeled
  • 90-minute or less assembly with pre-assembled parts
  • The great clear looks backboard
  • Adjustable height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet increments
  • Ergo-move wheelbarrow base provides easy 2-person portability
  • The backboard has excellent rebound and little movement for a portable
  • 7-years long lasting product

Best Features of Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop System

Edge Backboard

Silverback NXT features infinity Edge Backboard. This portable system comes in either 50 0r 54 inches backboard. Traditional backboards have a plastic or metal edge. Silverback NXT portable backboard made with transparent polycarbonate. It is a good quality mid-level material. It wraps around to the back of the backboard as one continuous material. This technique gives it more stability and authentic rebounds.

Smooth Assembly

Assembling a portable basketball hoop can be a real pain. No one likes long assembly project. Silverback designed to make assembly as simple as possible. A real best feature of this NXT is that it comes with several pre-assembled parts. You need to attach the major pieces using a few tools. Items are separate in subgroups and clearly labeled. Each step is clear and illustrated. The NXT comes with the facility to assemble your goal in within 90 minutes.

Authentic Rim Quality

Rim quality is an important consideration. Having a quality rim is a crucial feature for a portable basketball hoop. Rim is the most utilized piece of a basketball system. The Silverback NXT has a mid-level spring loaded rim. It has a light-duty cover. It will help to protect the spring and internal components of the edge from rusting over.

Height Changing System

Changing height is the best feature of any portable system. The height adjustment of this NXT is easy. You can go from the regulation 10-feet to 7.5 feet in a few seconds. The height change feature of this system is an invaluable tool to have for younger players. Your 1o years old and up can adjust the height by them. So it is an excellent basketball hoop for kids.


The Silverback NXT features with sloped base design. It creates a unique weight distribution & that allows the goal to be moved by two people with much ease than traditional ones. This design is like the engineering of a wheelbarrow. This design enables the goal titled backward onto its large weighted wheels. It can relieve most of the weight that a person must support. The hoop can roll to its new location while kickstand prevents the goal from tipping over. It can be suitable for the outdoor basketball hoop.

Pros and Cons of Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop


  • Infinity edge backboard
  • Easy instruction
  • Faster assembly compare to others
  • Easy height adjustable
  • Steel framed construction from the base up to the backboard
  • Good stability
  • Wheelbarrow lifting and movement system
  • Fit and finish outstanding
  • Excellent built quality at a fair price


  • Not suitable in windy areas
  • Sometimes the base can leak water
  • A bit expensive than similar products


1. Is the backboard shatterproof?
The Silverback NXT backboard does not shatter like glass.

2. What type of material of Silverback NXT backboard made with?
The Silverback NXT Portable Basketball backboard made with polycarbonate

3. What is the dimension of the base?
The NXT base is 50inch long and 32inch wide at the widest point at the back.

4. How thick is the backboard surface?
The backboard is 4 mm thick.

5. What are the wheels made with?
The wheel made with hard plastic.

Video: Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop.

Final Words:

If you are willing to upgrade your portable basketball system, then Silver NXT is the right choice. The Silverback is not cheap basketball, but it is the perfect choice to invest in a high-quality basketball hoop. Many portable units need a lot of maintenance to stay usable. The Silverback required little support. This system is also moderate-price quality. It will last a long time. Silverback NXT is quite comparing to other portable systems. Basketball will always be a fun game if you have a right basketball hoop. This NXT is suitable basketball hoop for toddlers. They can adjust the height by them. Parents who want to encourage their younger kids to play basketball can prefer this system. Silverback is a good quality portable system in the market. You can buy this NXT system. Your investment will be worth making.

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