Silverback 54inch In-Ground Basketball System

People of any age can enjoy basketball at any time. You need to install the system in a suitable place. Not everyone was looking for a portable basketball hoop system. Different types of basketball hoops are available. This Silverback In-ground basketball system is a popular one. This best in ground basketball hoop system is suitable for people who like to practice. A user can install an in-ground system at home, driveway or a ground.

In the basketball hoop market, Silverback is a famous brand. They provide the best in-ground basketball hoop in the market because It comes dunk-ready with a breakaway rim and tempered glass backboard. The hoop comes in a full fit condition with an anchor mounting system & It will deliver outstanding strength and support. You will enjoy shooting hoops most securely. There is padding all over the points that can cause injury. The manufacturer of the Silverback is confident of the quality. They offer a 5-years limited warranty. This Silverback 54inch is good stuff to pick. We hope this article can help you to take the right decision.

Silverback 54 inch in ground basketball hoop with adjustable height tempered glass backboard

Key Features

  • Tempered glass reinforced backboard
  • Performance of gymnasium style goal
  • Concrete anchor system
  • Medium-weight Pro-style breakaway rim
  • Dupont powder-coating
  • 6-inches increment height change actuator
  • Includes backboard pads for safety reason
  • The basketball goal offers a revolutionary anchor bolt mounting system
  • Comes with 5-years extended lasting warranty

Best Features of Silverback 54inch In-Ground Basketball System

Tempered Glass Backboard

Silverback 54 inch system has professional style glass backboards. The dimension of the backboard is 54*30 inches. It features a 5/16 inch thick tempered glass backboard with aluminum frame. In the event of shattering this glass is treated through the tempering process to make it durable and safe.

Height Adjustable System

The height adjustment is designed to help you customize the hoop based on the height. It is an essential feature for the people who have kids. Silverback 54inch In-Ground Basketball System offers height change option. It uses a crank actuator to adjust the goal from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.

Break-Away Rim

Silverback 54inch In-Ground Basketball comes with a break-away rim. It is another excellent feature of the Silverback stuff this rim is like to professional- style rims. The spring activated rim flexes under pressure. The break-away rim protects the integrity of the backboard. It also prevents player injury when impacting the edge.

Well, Supporting Steel Pole

An integral part of the in-ground basketball hoops is the poles and the support system. It is essential to make sure that the pole sticks in the ground firmly. It will ensure safety for the people who are playing. Silverback 54inch In-Ground Basketball features a 4*4 inch 2-piece steel pole. This pole supports the weight of the backboard and strength of the system. As a result, this Silverback 54inch has less vibration than a portable system.

Dupont Powder Coating

Silverback 54inch In-Ground System used rugged steel. It provides muscular strength. The goal is covered in Dupont powder coating to protect this steel. This coating prevents ultimate rust and UV protection. Besides all system hardware has coated in Zinc for added rust protection.

Backboard Pad

Silverback 54inch In-Ground System comes equipped with a backboard pad. The pad creates a soft cushion around the edges of the backboard. It helps to protect the player when they make contact with the board. This pad is essential when the goal is in the lower positions and player impact with the board.

Anchor-Based Mounting System

The Silverback 54inch features a revolutionary anchor bolt mounting system. It offers the stability of cement. You can also remove your system if you move homes. The anchor kits install in the ground by using concrete and rebar steel rods. It ensures superior strength. The goal itself then bolted to this base plate. If you want to move, you can take the hoop by dismounting the purpose. You can install a replacement Anchor System at your new home.


Safety is the main feature of any basketball system. Having overhang safety allows you to go in for layups and guard underneath the hoop without running into the main pole. The Silverback 54inch feature 2.5 feet overhangs from the pole to the backboard. It allows players to play underneath the hoop.

Height adjustable basketball hoop

Pros and Cons of Silverback 54 inch In-Ground Basketball System


  • Easy to install and get started
  • Instructions are clear and easy to follow
  • Offers outstanding durability on the rim and the poles
  • Much affordable compared to other significant hoops
  • Great portable basketball hoop for the money
  • Very upscale and high quality
  • Suitable basketball hoop for kids
  • Authentic game play
  • Long lasting system


  • The backboard is a little short compared to other systems
  • The installation was not easy for one person
  • The hoop vibrates slightly when in use

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: How easy to adjust the height? Can a ten years old child do it?

Answer: The silverback height change is effortless to adjust. Your ten years old child should be able to adjust the height.

Q: What is the thickness of the tempered glass backboard?

Answer: Yes, You can leave the base in the ground at the old house. You can put a new station at the new home.

Q: How much room do you need behind to lift the handle that adjusts the height of the basket?

Answer: It is 11 inches from the back of the support beam to the end of the handle. So if you think your fingers are an inch or less in thickness, you could make it work.

Final Verdict

The primary advantage you will receive from Silverback is its durability. This system seems well built and relatively easy to set up for the in-ground hoop. The height change is comfortable and great for small kids. It is easy for the assembly after pouring the concrete. Slight vibration after hard hit doesn't affect follow up shots. Most of the users are satisfied with that basketball hoop system. For people who are on a budget but looking for a high-end hoop with the great feature can buy this system. The Silverback In-Ground system will not disappoint anymore.

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