Pro Dunk Gold Driveway Basketball Goal Hoop

If you’re searching for the most popular driveway basketball system the in-ground, height-adjustable Pro Dunk Gold Driveway Basketball Goal Hoop is the right choice for you. It comes with a high-performance capacity 60 inches tempered glass backboard. It has a powerful lift-assist mechanism which allowing the youngest kids to easily lower the hoop system down to an industry low at minimum 5 feet. This driveway basketball hoop backboard attached to a durable, rigid 6-inch square or 7 gauge thick one pole. It featured by a heavy-duty rim with internal dual spring back mechanism that raises its capacity to delivers the gym-quality play. The basketball goal system precisely manufactured with the highest quality materials and backed with manufacturer legendary limited lifetime warranty that covers all types of basketball play. If you’re looking for the perfect basketball goal hoop for your home driveway and want to make your driveway into a fun family basketball court then look no further just click and buy this Pro Dunk basketball hoop today! Because without a doubt that’s the best basketball hoop for the driveway as per our research result comes out.

Pro Dunk Gold with Rust Armor Best Selling Driveway Basketball Goal Hoop with a High-Performance Glass Backboard

Key Features of pro dunk basketball hoop:

  • This best in-ground basketball hoop comes with high-performance gym-quality adjustable 60 inches tempered glass backboard which is full 1/2 inch thick.
  • To make sure the rock-solid play the basketball system includes a massive 6 X 6-inch one-piece pole.
  • It has the capacity to covers all types of basketball players like hanging and dunking which also infinitely adjustable in between 5 to 10 feet by an effortless turn of a handle.
  • The complete padding set includes pole, 1-inch thick high impact outdoor safety backboard with gusset padding.
  • In the meantime, for the rust armor package, the pro dunk basketball hoop includes extended corrosion, stainless steel hardware, and the entire zinc galvanized system.

Make The Neighbors Envious

Pro Dunk in-ground basketball hoop made with the perfect mix of size and performance makes it the best-selling driveway basketball hoop in today’s market. It's a suitable basketball hoop for a 6-year-old kid to adjust it down to 5 feet and we ensure you that this makes guaranteed fun family time!

Highest Rated 60 inch Model

When our team of experts research on it and they collected more than 1300 reviews on this pro dunk portable basketball hoop from verified customers. It got the average rating 4.89 on a scale of 5 stars. You can also check this out from a website like Amazon, the BBB, and Google to make sure what we said in this portable basketball hoop reviews. The most notable thing of this dynamic hoop manufacturer is that they take customer feedback very seriously and always trying to continuously improve this basketball goals system.

Pro Dunk Gold basketball Hoop Features

Adjusts Easier & Lower Than Any Store Brands

Another notable feature includes of this pro dunk hoop is; it comes with a powerful dual spring lift-assist canister that neutralizes the weight of the backboard. Resulting, a 6-year-old kid can easily adjust the hoop down to 5 feet which is lower than any store brand available in the market. So it’s the best portable basketball hoop for a driveway for young children!

Best Performing 60 inches Model Available in the Market

Pro Dunk portable basketball hoop system got the highest rating of any 60-inch model available in today’s basketball hoop market. As we said before it comes with over-sized 6-inch X 6 inch pole, 1/2 inch thick tempered glass backboard and competition grade break-away rim raise its capacity to deliver gym quality play like never before you played.

Manufacturer Direct Business Model

The manufacturer of Pro dunk hoop system sells it directly through re-sellers like Amazon, local playground companies, Dick’s Sporting Goods and so on. That means, it cutting out the re-seller middleman commission resulting you save 30 percent. And the ultimate result is this allows Pro Dunk basketball goal system to A competitively priced while boasting 75 percent more steel and glass!

Comparison Table Of Different Pro Dunk basketball hoops Model







72 Inch

72 Inch

60 Inch

54 Inch


12`` X 8``

8`` X 6``

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Best Warranty Offer from the Manufacturer:

The manufacturer backs the genuine Pro Dunk basketball goal with an unsurpassed warranty offers. It’s durable design, quality of construction and over 34 years of manufacturing experience ensure that you will enjoy a lifetime of basketball players and don’t have to worry about replacing and maintenance of your whole basketball goal hoop system. Let’s see what the manufacturer covers by their lifetime limited warranty offers:

  1. Covers Hanging and dunking types play: The warranty covers hanging and dunking types of the basketball game. Unlike other brands, Pro Dunk portable basketball hoop system built for all types of play includes dunking and hanging. That means you will not void your warranty terms and condition if you hang and dunk on your system.
  2. The warranty also covers both the residential and institutional applications: The manufacturer Box-store brands purely designed for light-duty home basketball game use. So, Pro Dunk basketball goals designed to handle the severities of school parks or playground.
  3. Bumper to bumper: Many brands in the market split out their components that mean they will not stand the test of time for their adjustment mechanism, backboard, rim and so on. But the Pro Dunk basketball system carries an inclusive warranty with covering everything for a limited lifetime warranty term. They also allow to the sole exception is the free padding set which also warranted for 1 year period of time. Basically, most of the pro dunk hoops are comes with that warranty facility.

Adjustment features:

  • Adjustable to as Low as 5 Feet: These features don’t leave anybody out from the game! It ensures your young competitor get a head start at the 5 feet rim height. This feature allows installation to be done from standing position without special tools or ladders.
  • Effortless Adjustment: This Pro Dunk's powerful lift-assist mechanism neutralizes the weight of the backboard which allowing 6-year-old kid to easily adjust the whole system.
  • FAST Adjustment: you can raise the system within 60 seconds as low as 5 feet to 10-foot heights.
  • Not Fixed Intervals; can set Any Height: Any other brands in the market you can allow to adjust the height in 6 inches intervals but this Pro Dunk system can set at any height you want without any intervals.
  • Enclosed & Safe Adjustment Mechanism: A fully enclosed adjustment mechanism ensures the safety for children and other players while they going to adjusting the height of the basketball goal system. So, the Adjustment Handle is accessible to all players that all ages can reach easily.
  • No Sweat, No Pins & No Rod: It comes with the simplest adjustment mechanism. You need to turn counter-clockwise to go down or handle clockwise to go up. The time you reach the height you want just stop turning. Isn’t it simple!
Pro Dunk Gold basketball Hoop Features 1

What are the Safety Features Of Pro Dunk Gold Basketball hoop?

  • Protective Safety Padding: Basically, the Pro Dunk is designed to protect all age’s players. Elite & Young players alike appreciate the complete padding set included with every Pro Dunk basketball goal system. Doesn’t matter any heights of players are dunking at durable shock absorbing backboard padding because this feature will protect their head from any injury. In the meantime, the gusset padding also protects players from rolling an ankle or falling onto exposed bolts at the base. On the other hand, many other basketball goals system does not come with this sort of protective padding needed to help protect players from injury.
  • Break-Away Rim: For those players who unleashing their dunking power on the Pro Dunk system, the manufacturer included a heavy-duty break-away rim that designed to absorb the dunking pressure and pop right back into place.


  • Bigger & Regulation Backboard: Those with bigger playing areas able to take some advantage here with a larger variety of bank shots while you replicating gym play with its regulation-sized backboard.
  • Better Performance: Its steel body, regulation-sized backboard, and larger pole ensure the best performance as compared to its similar category.


  • Shallow Playing Area: To get the better performance and enjoyment of a basketball game its need to larger space. So, if you want to play gym quality player’s game or want to dunk on it then you need to ensure the larger space on your court.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What does it mean by in-ground basketball hoop system?

Answer: It means the pole attached to a base that cemented into the ground. All in-ground basketball hoops are put in this way. Remember, it's not a portable basketball hoop.

Question: What’s the spacing of the bolts on the plate?

Answer: basically, pier for the Pro Dunk is 9 inches on center hole pattern. For example, if you measure from the center of one bolt with the next bolt it will be 9 inches at a distance. So, that distance is called the spacing of the bolts on the plate.

Final Verdict:

So, if you have enough space on your driveway to make a larger court then this pro dunk Gold is the best basketball goal system choice for you. Or otherwise, our team of expert-recommended you to buy pro dunk silver or you can choose any pro dunk hoops model to fulfill your desire demand. In the meantime, when you decided to buy a stronger and dunk absorbed capable basketball hoop then this one is the best basketball hoop forever. The uniqueness of this pro dunk basketball goal system is that it’s suitable for all ages because of its easily adjustable features. So, without any doubt, you can buy this one for your family, kids, and friends.

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