Portable Kids Junior Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

​If you are searching for the lightweight and easily movable or portable Basketball hoop for kids than the brand called best choice manufacturer a junior basketball hoop named by “Portable Kids Junior Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop." This height adjustable basketball hoop mainly designed for juniors with an attractive look to suit their taste of choice. These best choice brands produce quality products for kids like this Portable height adjustable basketball hoop. In all over the world this brand is known for manufacturing toys and game kit for kids. In this context, they produce this easy scoring basketball hoop with the wheel for ensuring portability. At the same time, they use stainless steel to make this model to assure the heavy duty and longevity.

Best Choice Products Portable Kids Junior Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop Stand Backboard System W Wheels

​Key Features

  • ​For ensuring all ages can play and learn basketball as professional do; manufacturer made this junior basketball hoop with the height-adjustable facility.
  • ​This junior basketball hoop made with stainless heavy duty steel rim and nylon net for suitability of use all weather condition.
  • ​It comes with a polyethylene panel which also enhances the usability of all season.
  • ​It comes with an exciting option that you can fill the base with water or sand resulting in the basketball hoop stay standing so your kids can practicing basketball full of confidence.
  • ​That junior basketball hoop system perfect indoor and outdoor basketball game.
  • ​The dimensions of that model all about 29 inches in length X 22 inches in width X 76.5 -97.5 inches in Height.

The facility it comes with

The manufacturer uses heavy duty stainless steel with a nylon net and a polyethylene panel that ensure the suitability to use in all weather conditions. That's why; it's also called weather protected basketball hoop for kids, and you and your buddies can use it all the year. ​This height adjustable basketball hoop comes with an easy installation process adjustable basketball hoop with comfortable assembling facility; it takes just a few hours for assembling. Another notable feature of this basketball hoop system is your kids can adjust the size on their own to start paying resulting you don’t need to help them that saves your time for other work.

What is the overall height and Dimension of this Portable Kids Junior Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop?

The maximum rim height of this junior adjustable basketball hoop that you can move from 6 feet to 9 inches and the highest backboard point is 9 inches to 7 feet. This model of this basketball hoop backboard dimension 18 X 28 inches. So any age of player can easily play and practice basketball game with a professional feel.

Your kid’s ultimate basketball​ trainer

​If you want to see your kids will play as like as NBA enlisted players like Stephen Curry and others and you want to train them from their childhood then that height adjustable basketball hoop support you as like a youth basketball trainer. It’s also known as basketball shot trainer for kids.


  • ​The manufacturer of this model made this one with the best quality materials to make sure the longevity and can provide heavy-duty performance.
  • ​After researching we seen that this one considerably smallest and suitable for kids.
  • This best choice Height Adjustable hoop comes with all elements and installation process guide so you can assemble it without taking any hassle.
  • ​For its manufacturing materials, it’s suitable for any weather conditions.
  • ​It got the hugely positive reviews from its existing customer.
  • ​Lowest in price, so it's the best gift for your kids on any particular day.


For Stay standing of this cool basketball hoop, you always need to fill the base with water or sand.

Solution: You can pack sand or water in a bag and always put the bag on to the base.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: My kids already played by a regulation height-adjustable portable basketball hoop. Is this secured them for existing metal pole at a shorter height?

Answer: Of course dear, you adjust the hoop system at lower heights. Resulting your kids easily do the basketball shoot for practicing with this Adjustable Basketball hoop.

Question: Can my children a standard size basketball for this hoop?

Answer: Our team of expert suggests a small basketball to use if your children age between 5 to 7 years of age.

Question: To safely fill the base how much water or sand is required?

Answer: In the case of using water it's all about 5 gallons. On the other hand, to fill the base with sand, you need 1.25 cubic feet in that case you have to buy 3x .5 cubic feet bags. In the meantime, you need a scoop, a large funnel and plenty of persistence. The more important thing is that please buy dry, smooth and flowing sand to fill the base.

​Video: Assemble Of Junior height Adjustable Basketball Hoop For Kids.

Final Verdict:

​At the end part of this Portable Kids Junior Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop reviews, we can ensure that this is the most top basketball hoop for kids to enjoy and learn basketball game. We have seen that the manufacturer made that one with highly durable materials to make sure the longevity. In the meantime, that model of kids portable basketball hoop system comes with the highest adjustable facility that suitable for any age of kids and by adjusting the heights. The wheel system ensures the ​movable anywhere you want to move. That best choice basketballhoop system also suitable for any weather and it's a perfect one for both indoor and outdoor basketball court. at the same time, the best choice, manufacturer of this model always ready to assemble your products anytime, if you are unable to assemble it. So without taking any doubt your mind, you can buy this one for your sweet kids to give them a chance for the highest enjoyment of basketball game like professionals. Or you can also choose a youth basketball hoop for your kids.

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