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We have to admit it the virtual world has taken our previous ways of playing outdoor games. Kids these days have less idea how exciting it is to play and sweat. Now they are likely to play Xbox, PlayStation than going out and play football or soccer. But we should at least play and exercise once a day. And if you want to do that portable basketball hoop is an excellent option. There are a lot of incredible portable basketball hoops in the market. Choose one of them as your best outdoor portable basketball hoop. Let me help you out finding one. At first, you have to figure out where you want to place the basketball hoop. I put it in my backyard. So I can play with my five friends with whom we usually hang out.

I bought a ‘Lifetime 90061 Portable Basketball System’ from Amazon last month. It should cost you now around 370 dollars. I want to share some pros and cons about it. There is a 52" steel framed shatterproof backboard which is developed of High-Density Polyethylene for prevalent quality and strength. It features an adjustment mechanism through which you can easily adjust the height of the backboard from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. The box says the materials are high quality, so it is rust-resistant in all weather, the net is fit for sun, rain, and winter too.

That is the reason I guess this is the best portable basketball hoop for playing outdoors. You just need to fill the basement of the system with 35-gallon water and sand. It will give the basketball system a high stand. Gave me a 5-year warranty card with it. I don’t know how long it will last for you. Because I always play with this thing in outdoors. And it has been only two months but so far so good. I bought it with free shipping. This basketball hoop looks quite simple but what I see it better to active than to look good.

Hercules Basketball hoops comparison chart

Basketball is the dream game of all time. There is hardly anyone has never dreamed of an NBA player. But not everyone is 6’4, and not everyone actually becomes an NBA player. But as always we love this game. And we want to play more often. What can I do to play basketball when I don’t have much time, neither have a basketball court, nor the money. The answer is to buy a basketball hoop. Maybe a portable one. So there are already too many companies selling portable basketball system. I was searching for the best portable basketball hoop. And found the perfect one for my place and that also goes with my pocket. For me, the 'Spalding Hercules Portable Basketball Hoop’ is working right. Cost me 326 dollars.

Spalding NBA Hercules Vertical Pole Portable Basketball Hoop

This portable basketball system has 52" x 32" x 3.5mm acrylic backboard with 1" x 1" steel edge and 16" counterbalance intended for strength in a competitive level of play. And the exacta-lift framework gives simple stature changes from 7.5-ft to 10-ft in 6-in additions. The vertical steel pole is 3.5’’ thick and comes in 3 pieces for an easy installation. I needed to fill 39 or 40-gallon water into the base section. You can even use sand into it. It will provide a much better standing position for the pole. When I went on Amazon, there was two option for base color. Black and green. I ordered the green one. And of course, I needed free shipping. One-third of my salary was into buying the portable basketball system, but now I realize it is worth the money. When I come back from work and throw some hoop shots, I feel some of my high school days. Well, to be honest, the playing with the basketball hoop is never like the authentic basketball, and it never will be. But hey, the something interesting gameplay is way better than no gameplay.

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