Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

If you are searching for a best youth portable basketball hoop for getting the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee then this model of Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop best choice to buy for your young kids. The movement god made this portable basketball hoop usable for any weather condition. Movement God basketball hoop telescoping height adjustable option allows you to adjust the height from 5.6 feet to 7 feet quickly. At the same time, it comes with all the materials like steel tube, PE base, PE Backboard and steel rim that helps you to install it instantly. This 28 inches youth portable basketball hoop designed with harshest elements that make it rust and weather-resistant at the meantime, its high-quality steel rim can take pressure from rough playing by your kids.

Movement God Youth Portable Basketball System

Key Features

  • This movement god youth basketball comes with 28 inches youth impact backboard with 17 inches folding rim which constructed of 0.5 inches steel.
  • Its nylon net suitable for all weather condition.
  • You can easily adjust height from 5.6 feet to 7 feet for its Telescoping height adjustment system.
  • Movement God designed it with the harshest element that makes it rust and weather-resistant.
  • It comes with the complete material like PE backboard, Steel tube, PE base, Steel rim for instant installation and start playing your desire basketball game.
  • That model backed by 1-year limited manufacturer warranty but you are not allowed do any dunk-type activities.

Special Specifications

The 17 inches rim dimension of that movement god portable basketball hoop allows you to do a n easy basketball goal to defeat your opposition. It comes with 28 inches X 18 inches backboard with the base dimensions 30 inches in Length X 22 inches width X 5 inches height. At the same time, the steel tube diameter is 2 inches, and the manufacturer uses weather-resistant nylon to make the net which is usable for all weather condition.

What are the Materials comes with that dynamic, portable basketball hoop?

That basketball hoop for youth comes with PE backboard for the better fit of the hoop with a Steel tube, PE base, steel rim and weather resistance nylon net. It also comes with base padding system for hoop stand stability so you can fill the base with 55 lbs water or 66 lbs sand.

Weight and overall dimension

The total weight of this portable youth basketball hoop is 18 pounds, and the dynamic dimension of this movement god portable basketball model is 31 inches X 24 inches X 6.5 inches.


  • It’s a suitable basketball hoop for kids because of its adjustable height system.
  • It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • You can easily move it anywhere you want to move.
  • All weather condition suitable nylon net ensures the longevity of this model.


  • You are not allowed to do dunk types of activities; if you do the limited manufacturer warranty will be invalid.
    Do not worry about this buddy, the 0.5 inches steel rim allowed to play rough and tough basketball goal practice.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: can I use a regular size basketball?

Answer: Yes, dear; you can use a regular size basketball to play you desire game with the feel of a professional basketball game. When we research on this specific basketball hoop model; our team of expert found that the existing user said that the bought a full-size basketball and it comfortably fit with a game that means it worked just fine. That's the most exciting thing about this mini basketball hoop system, and that's why this hoop has been a big hit then its similar model.

Question: Can I easily buy this model net separately; is it available in the market?

Answer: Yes buddy, the net is available in the market, but after getting some slightly negative reviews about this model net the manufacturer "Movement God" improves their net at maximum level. Now it comes with a durable net with 75 Gram weight which is much reliable and durable than before. Resulting, you can buy this one full of confidence.

Question: Is it stronger and stable?

Answer: Yes dear, it's sturdy and stable enough to play the basketball game with the fullness of joy. You have to fill the bottom with water or sand and start to play you desire game.


At the end of this Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop reviews, we tried to find out the best features and other aspects of that basketball hoop model. We analyzed the existing customer reviews, and we have found that that one is the most top youth basketball hoop to train your kids for a future player or give them a chance to enjoy their off time or vacation at home. The materials and other facilities of this top portable basketball hoop make sure the highest quality and longevity of this product. So without any doubt, you can buy this one for your sweet kids.

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