LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

The LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball set Basketball hoop for toddlers. It's the most excellent mini hoop system for its backboard, adjustable freestanding base, and oversized rim to make it easier to score. The manufacturer sold this Little Tikes basketball set with three single child-sized basketball. That mini basketball hoop for toddlers is an all-rounder basketball hoop for kids because it offers young toddlers to get into the basketball game at early in their young age. If your kids are not tall enough; Then again it’s accessible for them to enjoy and learn basketball game. Resulting, it doesn’t make them feel bad during play, and it helps to build confidence with every hoop they achieved.

LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set, Blue - 3 Ball Amazon Exclusive

Key Features

  • You can adjust six heights from 2 feet to 4 feet of this indoor and outdoor basketball hoop.
  • It comes with three junior size basketballs and an oversized adjustable basketball rim.
  • It helps to develop your kid’s social, coordination and motor skills.
  • To ensure the stability the b ase can weight by sand which you have to manage separately.
  • This Little EasyScore Basketball set suitable for 18 months to 5 years of old kid’s.

What Interesting thing about this LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set?

For Stability

To ensure the stability, you need to add s and or water to the base for increasing the weight. At the same time, the portable basketball hoop able to slam dunked or shoot at the hoop from a distance and it will work too.

Height adjustable basketball hoop

This LT little easyscore basketball hoop highly suitable for young kids. Because you can quickly adjust the height is two feet up to 4 feet tall that is ideal for 18 months to 5 years’ old young basketball player.

What includes in the package?

This Basketball hoop for toddlers comes with a white net, the red rim, and backboard which color is white. It also comes with a blue stand and a back base. The reasons why manufacturer use of different colors lets small kids identify better which part of the mini hoop that they’re shooting at. So at first you no need to arrange extra elements to complete the installation. On the other hand, your young stars can learn about basketball system easily.

What are the benefits to buying this LT Little EasyScore Basketball hoop system For Kids?

The Little Tikes easy score basketball set designed for children 18 months to 5 years old as we said before. So the manufacturer introduces kids of all abilities to the competitive play of basketball. The height adjusted to six settings to accommodate even the littlest hoop Star. The kid-size basketball and oversize rim that ensures easy scoring and helps kids develop hand-eye coordination at the right challenge level.


  • That’s the perfect mini hoop set for both preschoolers & toddlers.
  • That Little EasyScore Basketball set usable for kids 18 months to 5 years old kids.
  • Comfortable height a djustable mini basketball hoop.
  • It comes with small kid-sized basketball.
  • It helps to develop your kids motor skills, body coordination and focusing on targets.
  • It’s not comestible by small children for a rubber ball.
  • It’s water resist because of its plastic parts.


  • To make sure the sturdiness sand must add to the base.

Frequently Asked Question:

Question: Are basketballs plastic or inflatable?

Answer: No dear, the basketballs not inflated they are soft not plastic. They made with the soft rubber.

Question: Can we use a regular sized basketball with little easy score basketball hoop?

Answer: Sorry, you cannot use a regular sized ball.

Question: How would you get the net to stay-up?

Answer: I haven't had any issues with the net. I hung the hover of the net through the whole from the best. By then obtained the circle the heading of the point of convergence of the bushel. Last I guided the rings into the tabs by where I started. Attract to settle.

Question: How I can adjust the height?

Answer: Just underneath the edge, there is a piece that pushes all through the level spaces on the front of the post about every 6 inches. If you lift the corner up the opening band should go up, and you can see most of the spaces.


So, at the end of this LT Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set reviews, our team of experts founds its features very suitable for your kids. It also helps your 18 months to 5 years old kids to learn basketball moves and parts. It’s a comfortable height adjustable mini Basketball hoop for toddlers. The whole system comes with three soft rubbers made a basketball. The installation process of this little easyscore basketball system is also straightforward. That’s a cheap portable basketball hoop for kids in the market. So, our team of experts suggests that you can buy this Portable mini basketball hoop for your younger kids.

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