Lifetime Youth Basketball System - kids basketball hoop

For every family that enjoys the rhythm of the basketball bouncing on their driveway and in around the rim, the sound of laughter and first basket your children makes Lifetime Youth Basketball System takes you one step closer to the perfect game. Lifetime the brand gives you hoops that let you play basketball the way it is meant to be played for fun, with family and friends and right at home. The system features a 32-inch youth impact backboard made out of solid high-density polyethylene giving you the ultimate performance and virtually unbreakable backboard.

Lifetime Youth Basketball System

Product Features:

  • Specialized Youth Impact Backboard
  • Fade-resistant Graphics
  • Classic Lifetime Youth rim
  • All-weather Nylon net
  • Telescoping height adjustment features
  • 3-piece powder coated Steel round pole
  • Netball base
  • Five years Limited warranty

It is the perfect starter basketball for your children. The graphics on the system is painted with a weatherproof acrylic paint that will prevent it from fading and getting scratched. The lifetime half inch classic rim is also based on a steel frame giving you the maximum sturdiness out of the system. The Lifetime Youth Basketball System also includes a weather resistant Nylon net for that perfect swoosh- your game needs. The telegraphic poles come with the adjustable height ranging from 5.5 inches to 7.5inch. The pole has durable weather coat which will prevent rust and grazes. The Heavy duty system also fashions a ten-gallon base that can fill with sand or water to your preference. Lifetime Youth Basketball System comes with a 5-year limited warranty, bringing the arena to your home bringing the Action and memory at home on your terms right where they should be.

User-Friendly, The innovative design of the new Lifetime Youth Basketball System, is made for the youngsters. They will find using the basketball system easy to use and very user-friendly. The telegraphic poll can be reduced as low as 7.5 inches to 10 inches to suit your children’s play style. The graphics also gives out a lively sports vibe for the best experience for your children in the best market price.

Easiest to Handle The Lifetime Youth Basketball System is easy to move, easy to install and very easy to set up wherever you want it. It comes with the simple instruction which is very easy to follow, and you can follow them to set up the best Basketball system for your kids. It is also important to remember that adjustable height with the telegraphic pole can adjust at any time and not just during the installation.

Quality based Structure Despite how light The Lifetime Youth Basketball System was weighing in at only 27.8 pounds, compared to the other basketball system out there the quality of the product gives you a surprising amount of sturdiness and consistency. The hoop and net are specially made to withstand all weather effects and the weatherproof coat on the pole and on the backboard gives you the maximum quality of the basketball system.

Superior Stability The Lifetime Youth Basketball System has a 10-gallon base that can be filled with sand or water to achieve maximum control and stability. The fact the product is so light but yet so stable is outstanding. The Lifetime Youth Basketball System also gives you the ability to easily move it around with the built-in wheel based portable system.

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The Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball System is designed for your youngsters who want to get better at basketball. It allows your kids to have hours of practice with the added fun of the sports and a great experience along with it. The portable system allows practice right in your front yard with the no-break and great looking backboard with customizable telescoping height adjustment feature ranging from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches. It has convenient roller base that makes for great portability, and the user-friendly interface of the product will give your kids the best experience of jump-starting their basketball fun.


Some customers reported leaking from the base and would recommend using sand instead of water, but the limited warranty will allow you to exchange it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What size of Basketball can fit through the hoop?

Answer: The lifetime classic hoop is designed for using regular size basketballs the junior size works perfectly as well.

Question: Is it difficult to assemble? Do I need a blowtorch or any other tools to do the installation?

Answer: No all the parts needed for assembly is included in the boxes. You don’t need blowtorch or any other extreme tools for that matter the maximum you could need a wrench to tighten the screws a bit more.

Question: Can I leave it outdoors?

Answer: The weather coating and good fittings of the product will allow you to keep it outdoors in any weather.

Question: Which would be better to use for the base? Water or sand?

Answer: Most customers prefer water since it is easier to transport. If you do not plan on moving the product too much, sand it the way to go.


With over 66% 5-star positive customer review The Lifetime Youth Basketball System should be your first choice if you are in the market for a convenient and inexpensive basketball system for your youngsters. Its height is perfect for kids who want to learn to play basketball, and the slightly smaller rim gives you the benefit of using junior size basketballs, overall a great purchase for your son’s basketball needs.

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