Lifetime 71281 in Ground Power Lift Basketball System

Today basketball is the most popular game. To enjoy the game, you need a perfect hoop. If you are looking for the latest one Lifetime is a good option. Lifetime basketball hoops are well-known for home driveway hoops. They provide a power lift basketball system. This in-ground system features a 52 inches steel-framed backboard. The 71281 in the ground comes with a power lift change mechanism. You can adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet high in infinite height increments. It also includes a Slam-It Rim with all-weather nylon net. Lifetime hoops are manufacturing in the USA. They are affordable and durable. It is the Best in ground basketball hoop system. Your investment will last for years. This in-ground basketball system has many useful features that apart from other competitors. You can bring this arena to your home. This residential basketball system can be a good choice for you.

Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power Lift Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Key Features

  • Steel-framed backboard make it more strong
  • High-density polyethylene backboard gives a professional feel
  • Power lift height change from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Slam-It Rim for dunking
  • A 3-piece round steel support pole
  • Safeguard in friction weld joint
  • Power-coated steel for weather resistance
  • 5-years manufacturer warranty
  • Great value for the casual player

Best Features of Lifetime 71281 in Ground Power Lift Basketball System

Shatterproof Backboard

In the lifetime basketball hoop (71281), you are going to have 52 inches backboard. It is a polycarbonate backboard. This material is well known for its muscular strength. The polycarbonate with high density ensured the superpower. In this hoop, players can play for an extended period than others. The young players will have the opportunity of practicing. It helps to make themselves perfect in their aspect. So it is an excellent basketball hoop for kids.

Height Change System

Lifetime 71281 features with power lift mechanism. The power lift mechanism makes the height change process effortless. You can raise the level of the little hoop bit higher than other systems. You can adjust the height from7.5 feet to 10 feet by a simple squeeze. This mechanism makes the task of fixing or changing height easier.

Slam-It Rim

Rim quality is an essential feature for any hoop. Lifetime 71281 in Ground includes with a Slam-It Rim with all-weather nylon net. It is a double spring breakaway rim. It means the circle is safe and durable for dunking.

Steel Frame

A backboard's tensile strength depends on the frame. When the structure is strong enough, then it ensures extended durability. In Lifetime 71281 the hoop of the frame is made of steel. It provides the most stringent security for all.

Safeguard Pole

The safeguards of the hoop depend on the poles. To avoid any unwanted incident Lifetime, 71281 has introduced friction weld joint. It can keep the circle secure in the ground. Three pieces 3.5 inches round pole features a friction-weld bone. That safeguards against unwanted movement. It means the best protection. In the three sections of the pole, this lock feature has been used. The three-piece steel pole supports the hoop reasonably standard. Lifetime 71281 also includes a pad for the pole to makes plays safer.

Extra Protection

When something comes in additional without any cost, it gives different pleasure. Lifetime 71281 has some extra protection that hardly any manufacturer provides. This Lifetime hoop offers UV protection. The whole circle is all-weather resistance with proper rust protection. The UV protection and rust resistant feature will keep the outside safe from being damaged. So you need not care about the weather anymore.

Lifetime 71281 in Ground Power Lift Basketball System Best In Features

Pros and Cons of Lifetime 71281 in Ground Basketball System


  • Great quality 
  • Has a nice breakaway rim
  • Very sturdy
  • Accurate instruction
  • Instructions are straightforward to follow
  • Awesome construction
  • Long lasting product
  • An excellent product for the money


  • The item is pretty wobbly
  • Quite heavy. To assemble the top piece it took more than two people.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is it a permanent system or can be removed when I shift to a new house?
Lifetime 71281 is an in-ground basketball system. Once you cement the unit would be permanent. You may try a ground sleeve accessory that would allow you to remove the system at a later time.

Q: What is the offset from the backboard from the pole?
The offset is 15.25 inches at 10 feet high.

Q: How far the backboard from the pole?
In the lowest position it is 1.4 feet away from the pole. It gets closer to the mast when you put it in the up position.

Q: Does this lifetime Outdoor basketball hoop come with a base?
No, it is an in-ground pole. You have to set it in the cement.

Q: What gauge steel is the post made out?
The main pole made out of 16 GA steel.

Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power Lift Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard1

Final Verdicts

For casual or recreational players, Lifetime in-ground basketball system offers a great value. The state of the art of Lifetime 71281 in a Ground system is highly unique. It is a beautiful hoop to consider. Most at-home basketball system feels flimsy and cheap after a short time. You do not feel it with this in-ground system. As it is high-quality build and structure. This Power Lift Basketball System can withstand the harshest weather or biggest slam dunk. It is a great basketball goal to have for all ages. It is a recommended item over all others. The item is perfect for the money. If you are a handy person, then it is a good buy. This article has presented all basic facts about Lifetime 71281 system. So you are aware of the good and bad aspects of the product. Now you can make an informed decision. The positives far outweigh the rare negatives of this system. Technological features are the main reason for being the best hoop over the market. You can buy this excellent value basketball hoop. It is long lasting and durable. I hope you won't be disappointed with this buy.

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