Lifetime 5818 Classic Basketball Rim

The lifetime 5818 classic basketball rim constructed to handle the hard play that hardest way of playing basketball pretty standard these days of a basketball game. The ½ inches braces solid steel made rim makes it powerful for layoffs and dunks. Resulting this high quality, durable and robust rim gives you a zero chance of replacing it in future. The lifetime 5818 portable basketball rim comes with all adjusting accessories which includes nuts and bolts, so assembly of this system is straightforward. It can handle tear and wear in any weather condition for up to five years. For the accurate fitting, you can quickly set up it on the basketball poles very easy & effortlessly. This lifetime basketball 5818 net made of nylon, so that’s suitable for any weather condition at the same time, it ensures the great feel of the hard basketball game, and this won’t rust in any weather condition. Basically, in this lifetime basketball hoop review our team of expert tried to find out what best about this lifetime classic basketball rim.

Lifetime 5818 basketball rim, Orange

Key Features:

  • ½ inches steel braces solid steel 18 inches Rim ensure tolerance of hard and rough basketball playing by any category of players.
  • This lifetime 5818 comes with 50g any weather conditions suitable hardware and net.
  • The rim comes with welded steel net hooks that help the player to avoid the annoyance and danger of dangling net loops.
  • This lifetime basketball rim not compatible with other lifetime basketball products.

Materials used

To ensure the ability to taking rough and hard playing pressure This lifetime basketball hoop replacement rim made with half inches steel braces solid steel rim. At the same time, the manufacturer attached welded steel net hooks resulting players are safe from getting any unexpected injury. So definitely you can buy this Lifetime 5818 portable basketball hoop.

Easy to install and cost-effectiveness

When our team of experts research lot on it we have found that the manufacturer includes all the necessary assembling accessories and hardware for instant assemble with an instruction manual. Resulting it easy to install to start your desired game. There are other benefits we have found that you do not need to buy extra accessories to complete the installation process, so it’s cost effective too as compared to other lifetime youth basketball hoop.

Warranty issue

This lifetime 5818 classic basketball rim comes with five years warranty that also ensures the product longevity too.

Dimension and weight

This lifetime 5818 basketball rim overall dimension is 3 inches X 20 inches X 24 inches and the actual weight of the product is 2.88 pounds, but the shipping weight is 10.3 pounds.


  • Easy to assemble because it comes with step by step instruction manual.
  • This Outdoor basketball hoop rim comes with a nylon net that highly suitable for any weather condition. So without a doubt, you can play and feel the highest enjoyment of outdoor basketball game.


  • Sometimes for rush delivery, it comes in bad packaging.
    Do not worry dear, that's not a big deal when you order tell them to pack it correctly.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Is this suitable for a portable basketball hoop?
Hello dear, we believe it will work on many of the basketball hoops. But you existing board must in the same pattern. The holes are pre-made so that it will work correctly for sure.

Question: Is it possible to attach this on a boat dock?
definitely yes dear, that Lifetime 5818 portable basketball rim can attach anywhere.

Question: Is this suitable enough for Lifetime 1221 portable basketball hoop?
Hello, buddy, yes that lifetime 5818 classic basketball hoop rim suitable for lifetime 1221 basketball hoop.

Question: Can it mount on a wall with studs?
Yes dear, you could mount this wall. But you have to pin it one side to wall studs and the other side; you have to use some severe wall anchors either you could slam dunks.


At the end of this lifetime basketball hoop review, our team of expert found that one is very useful for many of the portable basketball hoops to start and enjoy a best basketball game session. On the other hand, this lifetime 5818 classic basketball hoop rim adjust easily by natural assembly process. It comes with all the necessary parts and hardware as well to install or setup that one by spending minimum cost. It’s also a lightweight solid steel rim which can able to handle the rough & hard game without breaking changes. So, without feeling any doubt in mind, you can buy this lifetime 5818 model of lifetime rim that is a hassle-free rim. You can set that one anywhere; any weather without chances of breaking the whole model. Basically, for these simple features, people like so much.

  • 9 months ago
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