Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop – Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop

We spend too many hours glued to smartphones or TV at home. Playing a game of hoops is a great way to pass the time. It is a useful way to have a fun activity to do outdoors. This can provides some exercise and group enjoyment too. There are three main hoop types available in the market. They are portable, in-ground and wall-mount. An in-ground basketball hoop provides a better dunking experience. This system is more stable than portable ones. An in-ground hoop is a type of goal designed to install into the ground. These hoops can fit into the field with cement. It is adjustable in height in many cases. This in-Ground Basketball Hoop is suitable for a serious player. 

Katop Silver is the most popular driveway basketball system. It has a 54-inch high-performance tempered glass backboard. The lift-assist mechanism allows the youngest to lower the hoop system as per need. The Katop Silver also includes a convenient anchor bolt mounting system. It helps to level or relocate the basketball goal. For post play, the overhang provides plenty of areas. As you begin to search for the best in-ground system, you will come across varieties. You want to pick the goal that matches your gaming needs and budget. In this article, you came to know the necessary information about the Katop Silver In-ground system. It can help you to choose a hoop for your driveway, court or home.

katop in-Ground Basketball Hoop,Adjustable Basketball Goal Hoop

Key Features:

  • Tempered glass reinforced backboard
  • In-Ground Anchor System
  • Goal base mounts to anchor with the option to unbolt and move the hoop
  • Height adjustability actuator
  • Adjustable rim height from 5.5 to 10 feet to fit every player’s need
  • Quick assembly with fewer cranks
  • Pro-style break-away rim
  • Rim flexes under pressure rather than remaining rigid
  • Keeps player safe during a dunk by diminishing the force on the player
  • Powder-coated steel pole
  • Ability to take hoop with you if you move homes
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Features of Katop Silver In-Ground Basketball Hoop:

The Katop Silver comes with so many useful features. All are very considerable for the user. Here the best features are highlighting:

Backboard Size and Material

This feature is the first attention to buy a new hoop. The backboard of any system plays a central role in its performance and durability. The most advanced circles come with tempered glass backboard. It is a durable material with perfect rebounds and professional looks. This type of hoop offers you gym like performance. Katop Silver comes with 54 inches tempered glass backboard. The dimension of the backboard is 36*54 inches and ½ inches thick.

Height Adjustable Option

The top reason to prefer the in-ground basketball goal is that its height adjusts system. All age and skill level player can accommodate it. Most in-ground models allow setting the height from safety-approved 7.5 feet to regulation height of 10 feet. Some go as low as 5.5 feet to assist the youngest player. Katop Silver is infinitely adjustable between 5 to 10 feet. The adjust system is effortless. That is why in the ground is the best Basketball hoop for kids.

Support Pole

In a ground, the basketball hoop support pole contributes to its stability. That is why if you plan to buy a hoop you need to consider the pole type. Katop Silver In-ground comes with 5 inches square steel pole with 7-gauge wall thickness. This pole can minimize shake. It also ensures reducing the risk of deterioration on joints of the system.

Mounting System

The higher-end models now come with an anchor kit mounting system. It is easier installation compare with the traditional method. The mounting system solves the leveling issue. This kit has an unbolt option. Relocating your hoop is also much more accessible. This system can be a suitable wall mount basketball hoop for anyone.

Weather Resistance

It is the key to ensuring the longevity of your basketball hoop. You need to buy an in-ground hoop whose pole, mounting system and metallic parts come with powder coating. It protects against rust and corrosion. Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop comes with the anti-rust process. It has stainless steel hardware. The entire system is hot-dipped with galvanization.

Katop Silver height Adjustable basketball hoop

Pros and Cons of the Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop System:


  • Easy to install
  • Instructions are straightforward to follow
  • Ideal and sturdy system
  • Provides a very professional look
  • Made with quality in mind
  • Affordable price
  • Long lasting


  • There is a mild vibration
  • Not as rigid as most buyers expect

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is the rim a breakaway? 

Answer: Yes, it is. This Katop Silver is designed and warranted for dunking and hanging. 

Q: Does this Katop Silver In-ground Basketball Hoop come with the anchor bolt?

Answer: Yes, this system does.

3. Can I dunk on it?

Answer: You can dunk on the goal. It is not preferable to hanging on the rim. It may void the warranty.

4. Can I use a 72 inches backboard hoop on this pole?

No, the pole is small for 72 inches. It’s not safe for you.

5. What is the bolt pattern?

Answer: The bolts are 6 inches apart from each other. The whole pattern on the base plate is 9*9 inches.

Final Words

If you want a gym-quality basketball goal, then Katop is best. Silverback is perfect for those who want to have an in-ground basketball court in their backyard. It has received a high rating. Some users have a few complaints. It depends on your personal preferences. Katop Silver In-ground is best-selling basketball goal hoop. Most of the buyers have positive feedback on this product. Silverback is suitable for practice layups, dunks and so on. It is an ideal outdoor basketball hoop. This stuff is one of a kind and recommended for anyone. It takes pride in being one of the best quality systems. You can choose this item without hesitation. You will get the best value of what you have spent.

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