Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop – Over the Door Use- Design for Home or Office

Athletics is a tremendous way to encourage your child's physical development. In that teaches basketball is beneficial. A regulation basketball is too high and significant for any kindergartner. In that case, Mini Basketball Hoop for Door can come in handy. It is a budget-friendly option. You can set up mini hoop indoor or outdoor. They are great for all ages. If you are looking for a small hoop set, then Iserlohn mini basketball hoop is a good alternative. Iserlohn doesn't make much noise. This portable hoop comes with two extra silent basketballs. This professional over door hoop features a padded foam backboard with a breakaway rim. It is light in weight. It is quick and easy to mount this hoop over the door or wall. You can practice slam dunks, layups, bank shots and more. You can also use it as an outdoor basketball hoop. This product may better suit with younger kids. Before buying this hoop, you need some necessary information. Besides the review, this article can help you to do so.

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Key Features

  • Iserlohn Mini is an excellent alternative to the SKLZ models
  • The backboard looks professional
  • Iserlohn mini basketball hoop includes two extra silent basketball
  • Comes with shatterproof polycarbonate backboard measures with 18*12 inches
  • Features with a sturdy spring-loaded break-away rim for serious slamming
  • Quick and easy to mount over the door or wall
  • It doesn’t make much noise
  • The perfect addition to basketball enthusiast equipment collection

Best Features of Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop

New Upgrade Silent Ball

Iserlohn Mini is a suitable Basketball hoop for kids. This basketball hoop for door comes with 2 pieces of cotton blended small softball. It doesn't make any loud noise. The inclusion of two mini cotton ball ensures quite paly for kids. Your kids can shoot hoops anytime without worry about bothering anyone. You can keep your children active indoors with it. You can also take shots during meeting or classes.

Shatterproof Backboard

Iserlohn Mini Basketball comes with shatter-proof polycarbonate backboard. The dimension of the backboard is 18 X 12 inches. The protective foam padding on the backboard and brackets will minimize the impact on your door.

Break-Away Rim

Rim is the most utilized piece of a basketball system. For any portable hoop quality rim is a crucial feature. Iserlohn Mini features with pro-grade, spring-action steel. It is solid and break-away. You can slam-dunks anytime and anywhere. Once you make the shot, the spring will bounce the rim back into place instantly.

Silent Design

The muted design is an excellent feature of this Iserlohn mini hoop. This mini basketball system comes with two extra silent balls. When children practice shooting it wouldn't make a loud noise. People from the lower level of the house can't hear it. If you play this over door system in the office, it won't disturb others. You need not worry about bothering anyone.

Easy Assemble System

Iserlohn hoop is very easy to set up for mobile use. The set provided in the box with all the necessary tools. You need to put the product together and fit the door. Assembling frame over a door is straightforward. The actual hoop is very easy to set-up and easy to move.

Great Fun to Play

This Iserlohn mini is suitable for home, office, and dorm or in the bedroom. You can use it for sports, fun or exercise. You can have fun with friends and family with this fantastic doorway hoop. This set is great fun for anyone and anywhere.

Over the door basketball hoop

Pros and Cons of Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop for door

Each product may have some positive and negative sides. User feedback can help you to find out them. Iserlohn Mini has good user support. The only complaint comes against the pump. The pros and cons are:


  • The foam ball is light and soft
  • The softballs are extremely quiet and work well
  • It’s a perfect indoor hoop
  • Very easy to mount on the door
  • Excellent quality product


  • The included pump is worthless

Frequently Aksed Question (FAQ)

Q: Can I mount this Iserlohn mini basketball hoop on the wall?
Yes, you can. Iserlohn mini comes with nails. By using it, you can mount this hoop on the wall.

Q: Is it easy to take the circle down when I don't want to play?
Yes, you can. It is easy to take down if you hang it on the door.

Q: What is the backboard size?
The backboard size is 18 X 12 inches.

Q: What is the size of the ball?
The diameter of the soft mini ball is about 4.3 inches, and the rubber ball is 5.3 inches.

Q: How easy is it for a young beginner to learn to dribble the probe-ball?
For beginners, you can watch some video tutorials. It can help you then practice more.

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Final Words

Various types and quality basketball hoops are available in the market. All are may not be suitable for you. You need to consider your need and cost of the product. A mini basketball hoop is smaller than the others. They fit neatly at the top of a door. They are light in weight and easy to adjust. A mini basketball hoop can be a good starting for young ones. It is also the right basketball hoop for toddlers. If you are looking for a premium quality hoop, then Iserlohn is the right choice. This mini hoop offers a little more variety. It features a realistic net and rugged construction. The cotton balls are wrapped well in the soft shell. It makes the product quiet. So it won’t break stuff around the house. Iserlohn Mini Basketball Hoop is a great choice to consider. If you are not satisfied with the mini set for any reason, Iserlohn returns it. They refund your money or provide a new one for free. Considering all this issue, you can buy this Iserlohn mini basketball hoop. This over the door basketball hoop purchase can be the right investment.

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