How to Fix a Broken Portable Basketball Hoop Base?

Now a day a portable basketball hoop is very popular. It is a good investment that should be enjoyed for years. A portable basketball hoop base usually filled with water or sand. There is a chance of damage as a portable system is always outside. Sometimes, it won’t long last as you expect. Some problems can occur exposed to the elements. The base may crack or break. Rapture or crack in a plastic bottom is a common problem. This type of damage is not so hard to repair. You can fix a broken portable basketball hoop base in several easy ways.

They are as follows:

  • The simplest way to set a portable hoop base is to use concrete. It is a permanent and cheaper solution. You can fill or patch the bottom from the inside with cement. It is a good patching material. It does not tend to leak. You won't have to worry about freezing.
  • By using caulk, you can fix a broken or cracked base. Locate the rupture first. Press smoothly with the entire base. Look to see a break when pressure used. Try to find out all the leaks. Now, drain the base. Turn the base sideways and let the sand or water run out. Let it do until it is a level below the cracked surface. Wipe the bottom using a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Make sure the surface is free of any debris or sand particles. Let the rupture dry thoroughly. Now, fill the crack with caulk. Press and knead the base firmly into the crevice. Use enough caulk to cover the edges. Press the caulk even and straighten the edges. After an hour smoothly sand the caulk. You can use paint color to hide the fixed spot.
  • You can also fix a broken hoop base by using adhesive or resin. No strong adhesive can be a stable patch over a crack. The best result will be achieved by sanding the base to create a texture. Now you have to flame the base in the crack spot to repair. Heating consists of passing a torch or open flame back and forth over the base surface. Try to Keeping the heat moving at all times before the polyethylene shows any sign of melting. After heating the surface, you can continue the repair shortly. It will give you the best results. 
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