Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball

In today’s society parents wants to spend as much time as possible with their kids. Playing basketball with them is an excellent way to do so. Basketball is fun, and you want to share that with your little warrior. It will help you bond with your kids. By spending the time, you can get understand your kids better. There are many kids’ basketball hoops available on the market. But all they are not suitable for your kid. To get perfect hoop parents to need to consider certain aspects. Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball is a well-known brand in the market. They provide different variety of basketball system. Fisher-price Grow-to-Pro is a right Basketball hoop for toddlers. That particular hoop is designed to suit the needs of the beginners. This pro-basketball is affordable and straightforward. It also suits like Basketball hoop for kids. This pro comes with strong and sturdy poles. The circle also has quality weather resistant rims. It has a simple height changing system. It is very significant for kids of different age and height. Before buying you can read this article. It can be a good source for you to take a decision.

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball

Key Features:

  • Designed for little’s
  • Sure score rims for toddlers
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Four Height adjustable option
  • The extended plastic hoop that curves up
  • Multi-loop short white net
  • Plastic circle safer for children
  • Great for beginners and ‘pros.
  • To prevent tip-overs the sturdy base can be weighted with water or sand
  • Recommended Age for two years and up

Best Features of Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball

Before buying a Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro system, you need to know the features. Once you know the elements, you can compare with others. It helps to understand you are the product suitable for you or not. Best features of Fisher-Price are:

Great learning Toy for Toddlers

This Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball is perfect for toddlers. It helps in to develop their muscles and improving flexibility. This junior basketball hoop fines your kids motor skill and hand-to-eye coordination. It can be good therapy if your kid has a developmental delay. The small ball comes with this basketball perfect for little hands. This set can make them feel like a pro.

Perfect for All Ages

That is one of the best features of this Grow-to-Pro Basketball. It is ideal for any age and skill level. It is big enough for a real basketball to fit through the hoop. The colors are bright and appealing. It is super easy to adjust height. So this is an excellent toy for your child of different ages.

Awesome Hoop

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball hoop is the real deal. It works excellent with the ability to adjust the height. The circle made with plastic. It is safe for the young ones. Your child can curve up the extended plastic hoop. It is great fun for them.

Height Adjustable System

The hopper is the best considering feature of this system. The hoop can adjust to many different heights. It is true to size and easy to raises and lowers. Adjustable heights play a considerable role in the challenge and fun of a hoop. Grow-to-Pro Basketball hoop has four height flexible capacity. You can set height up to 40-inches level. Its able to adjust the height of the rim allows you to set new challenges.

Durable and long-lasting Product

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball is a sturdy and durable product. It can handle a little one pushing it around a bit. This item is also sturdy enough to withstand wind or bad weather. This product is well made and long lasting. You can use this item more than 4 to 5 years.

Pros and Cons of Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball


  • One of the best Outdoor basketball hoop
  • Good quality and sturdy product
  • Well-made hoop for kids to enjoy
  • Works great for all ages
  • A great way to entertain your kids
  • Safe made for the age requirements


  • Poor instructions
  • Assembly can be a little difficult
  • It is pretty hard to get the posts in the base
  • The ball does not keep air for a long time
  • Sometimes found the screws missing


Q: Does any basketball come with Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro item?

Answer: Yes, a small size ball comes with it. It is suitable for your kids.

Q: Does Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro have a breakaway rim?

Answer: All the parts snap into place. After catching the base, you cannot remove the piece. The rim would come apart if you pulled hard enough.

Q: What is the right size basketball for this Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro?

Answer: A standard size basketball is too large for this Grow-to-pro. It comes with a suitable size ball with it.

Q: What are the dimensions of the backboard?

Answer: 28 ¼ W X 19 inches hide from top of the backboard.

Q: What is the ring size Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro basketball?

Answer: The ring is medium in size.

Final Words

Compared to the other higher priced hoops Grow-to-pro is the best. This basketball hoop is incredible & special Basketball hoop for kids. Its also for Basketball hoop for toddlers. It has great features. This system is little tricky to get the backboard on. It is easy to set up. It doesn't fall over because of its sturdy base. This Pro hoop adjusts and lasts your child much longer. It is even fun for the grownups. It is quite a large toy but not takes much room. Some users commented that it was hard to stick the hoop into the base. You need to put some soap in the hole. That works fine. It helps to make it a little easier to slide the hoop. It is suitable for the budget buyer. If you have decided to buy a fisher price basketball hoop baby for your baby Grow-to-pro is the right choice. As Fisher-Price is an authentic brand. It is a favorite brand for many parents. They provide the best stuff in the market. Their product is well made and long lasting. They have a good response from the users. This article can help you to take your right decision. Your little shooter will find the game more fun. Buying Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Basketball can be the best investment for your kids.

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