Best Ankle Brace for Basketball 2019 & Buyer's Guide

Nowadays, if you ask anyone about who the best shooter is in the National Basketball Association, you would hear most people say that it is Stephen Curry. He has been continuously called, by many players and analysts, one of the greatest, if not the greatest shooter in the history of NBA. But how did Curry ever come to this position? If you remember the 2011 – 2012 season, then you would remember what a struggle it was for Stephen Curry to continue in the league. Having only played 26 games that included five ankle sprains, even after an ankle surgery he went through less than a year before, his future looked bleak, especially because he had to go through a second surgery just a year later. This was all happening just before his rookie contract was about to expire.

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Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace for Running Basketball Ankle Sprain Men Women

Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace for Running Basketball Ankle Sprain Men Women

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Med Spec 264004 ASO Ankle Stabilizer, White, Medium

Med Spec 264004 ASO Ankle Stabilizer, White, Medium


McDavid 195R-BK-M Ankle Brace Support w Stabilizer Straps, Prevent and Recover from ankle sprains

McDavid 195R-BK-M Ankle Brace Support w Stabilizer Straps, Prevent and Recover from ankle sprains


Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer A2-DX Mens & Womens Sports Brace for Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football & Baseball ,Black,Left,Medium

Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer: A2-DX Mens & Womens Sports Brace for Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football & Baseball ,Black,Left,Medium

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But even after all this, Stephen Curry outshone everyone and went on to win the NBA Most Valuable Player Award and led the Warriors to a championship in the 2014-15 season. Keep in mind that this was the first championship that the Warriors managed to win since 1975. So, how did Steph manage this even after being neck deep in trouble? Since that fateful season, he played all but 12 to 15 regular season games.

Steph’s biggest issue was his ankle sprains, and he resolved that issue through wearing the form-fitting Zamst A2-DX ankle brace on both his ankles. This ankle brace designed for precise fitting. At the same time, it prevents the wearer from unintentionally rolling his ankle and sliding his foot forward.

That was necessary for Stephen Curry because of the unique way he plays the game, the constant sharp cuts and speed moves which proved to be a lot demanding on this ankle became less a concern when the A2-DX shifted most of the pressure from his ankle to its resistance technology.

Why Stephen Curry wears the Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

Curry, later, on did an interview for Zamst in the December of 2013 where he, in his own words, said:

“The Zamst ankle brace is different than all the other braces I’ve tried. It’s the most comfortable, and I feel secure in it. Because this is design to ensure the safety of my ankles and my body. I make a lot of different cuts on the court – the Zamst ankle brace will hold up regardless of what happens. When I put my foot in the brace, I know it’s going to be comfortable and not go anywhere – a good feeling to have on the court. The Zamst A2-DX is the only product that has given me the confidence to play without the fear of re-injuring my ankle.”

The A2-DX is the best ankle brace and the Zamst has to offer and for a good cause. It made with the leading I-fit technology that allows each player who has the product to have an anatomically perfect fit. It also has the X-Strap Stabilizer that increases the overall medical stability of the ankle and prevents unwanted injuries.

Even after all the use of technologies, the A2-DX allows Stephen Curry to play with full confidence and without limitations.

Are you Considering Basketball Shoes as an Ankle Support?

The way basketball players, it is not surprising that the game puts quite a lot of pressure on your ankle. With all the sharp turns, jab steps, power moves and layups, you are bound to twist or sprain your ankle if you are not careful, or if you do not have the right gears at hand.

Besides ankle braces, it would do you a lot of good if you know what basketball shoes have the best build for ankle support. Sometimes, the flashiest shoes are not the best one to use, in that case, the fewer known ones are better to use because comfortably depended on the quality.

Best basketball shoes for ankle support 2019

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Nike Men's Hyperdunk

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Men's Crazylight Boost

The most important factor when choosing a basketball shoe is to look at how much traction the shoe provides. That is very important as the quickest way to spraining your ankle is slipping at the worst possible times. Another factor to look at is how quickly the material would break in as the shoe would lose some of its supportiveness if that happens.

Besides these, you have to look at how happy the show is during a game, its overall weight and of course if it is within a reasonable price range. Consider headphones from beats electronics. They are without a doubt, some of the best headphones out there. But sometimes, you have to ask, are they the best out there, especially considering the prices they charge for each of their headphones? You can get a headphone that is of the same quality as a beats headphone but at a more reasonable cost.

There is also the fact that you have to buy specific types of shoes if you want to wear an ankle brace as extra support. If you do decide to do that, buying a shoe that hugs your foot like skin won’t do, you will have to find one which will provide you with some breathing room. But there are also shoes that practically are an ankle brace; an example is Nike’s Lebron Soldier 10. The shoe is quite rigid and has a strap system that would give you one of the best ankle support for basketball shoe.

best portable basketball hoop

But if you do not think that a sturdy shoe like that is for you then Under Armour’s Clutchfit Drive Highlight 2 is probably what you would like most. The shoe is very thin, but do not be fooled by that as the shoe is quite durable and the material is very supportive and would allow natural foot movements.

Next, you have the choice to go high comfort mode! Nike’s Air Command Force is higher than most sneakers out there, but the shoe has incredible soft cushioning that makes it very lightweight, and the cushion will help your foot from impact due to jumps. Also, since the shoe is quite high, it will help you move fast with high ankle support and therefore decreasing the chances of a sprain.

Keep in mind that all these have one thing in common and that is traction, all of the above will give you a good grip on the ground, and the chances of slipping will lower considerably. These are some of the qualities that you would want in a basketball shoe that supports ankle protection so that you can play contently, knowing that your ankle is safe. Just like Stephen Curry!

Why Should You Wear an Ankle Brace? Only because you’re injured?

When you are injured, an ankle brace which uses the pull-on technology is used to reduce inflammation, which usually follows an injury. These type of braces do not have extra reinforcements for support against injuries. Instead, they used for compression; it tightly holds on to your ankle.

ankle brace for basketball

If you are injured, then there is the question of how long should you wear ankle support? Well, that depends on how severe your injury is. You will see that most basketball players (does not need to a professional) usually wear an ankle brace for about 2 to 3 weeks after an injury. But the range can vary, as it seen that doctors sometimes can tell you to wear an ankle brace from 10 days to almost 5 to 6 weeks, again, depending on how severe you are injured.

You can stop wearing your ankle support once you are sure that all the pain and swelling is gone and your foot is stable.

You can also wear ankle support if you want to avoid future injuries. If you play sports or do anything that puts pressure on your feet, then it is wise to wear ankle supports. But if you do not want to spend money to buy expensive supports, then another cheap way to be safe is to wear regular taps. That is apparently not as effective as ankle support, but it will protect you against injuries to some extent at the very least.

Stephen Curry always wears the Zamst A2-DX

It is also necessary to know how tight you must wear your ankle brace or ankle support. If you wear it too loose, you then you will not get the support that you want from your money, but if you wear it too tight, then you will lose circulation of blood, and that would result in skin coloration.

Injured or not, it highly recommended that you wear an ankle brace or ankle support for you a regular basketball or volleyball player, or you do anything that strains your feet. Truth to tell, if you do play games like basketball, then it is only a matter of when an injury will occur, even if you if you have excellent ankle strength. You are bound to make sharp cuts that would sprain your ankle, or some other player would come down on your foot to cause an accident.

Stephen Curry always wears the Zamst A2-DX regardless of an injury, that way he not only prevents his foot from swelling during an injury, he can also avoid any further injuries that would occur in a season. So, what should we learn its really important to find Best Ankle Brace for Basketball for ensure your ankle safety.

Can you Wear Socks with an Ankle Brace?

People usually do not wear socks with an ankle brace on normal circumstances as most of the times it is not necessary, but it does not mean that you cannot wear socks with an ankle brace. Although, there are some cases where you should know not to wear a pair.

should i wear an ankle brace to bed

There are some ankle braces out there with linings that are specially made to support wearing socks. You would see that most people that wear socks with ankle braces usually do so to keep the braces from starting to smell. It is easier to wash socks than it is to wash ankle braces.

However, it is not advisable to wear socks under a tight fit ankle brace because it would suffocate your feet. Compressible ankle braces are made to reduce swellings; these are already made to fit your feet perfectly, wearing socks with these types of ankle braces would reduce blood circulation. Moreover, wearing socks under tight fit ankle braces would also hurt very much, and it will likely leave marks on your skin because of the pressure the support creates.

Sometimes it depends on what you actually feel comfortable with that would best decide if wearing socks with ankle braces is worth or not. Some people prefer to wear socks with ankle braces, just like there are people who dislike it. However, of all the people who tell their story of how they wear socks with ankle braces, almost 90% says that they wear socks over the braces. This way, wearing socks does not hurt at all like it does when wearing them underneath your braces.

Just like there are times when you must not wear socks with ankle braces, there are times when you must wear them. There are some low-quality ankle braces out there that can cause blisters if you do not wear socks underneath them, and the friction, later on, would hurt pretty bad. However, if you do wear socks with tight fit braces, then the socks would themselves be the reason for you to suffer from blisters. So, be careful when choosing whether to wear a pair or not.

Ankle Brace can Reduce Ankle Injury.

Then there is the case when you get sweaty, the continuous sliding between the surface would cause the skin to itch like crazy. In these cases, wearing crew socks or knee socks is recommended.

It entirely depends upon you whether you want to wear socks or not as it does not matter that much since most ankle braces made to worn without socks. Most people feel comfortable wearing socks, but then again, you may not be among them. It is just a personal preference and would not alter your medical situation in any way.

Are High Tops Better for your Ankles?

It is common knowledge that high top shoes are better for your ankles and that they can prevent your ankles from being injured. People assume as such because high top shoes are similar in build to ankle braces. But this is untrue to some extent.

The University of Oklahoma has researched high top shoes in 1993 that proves that high top shoes are not similar to ankle braces when it comes to supporting against sprains. The researchers worked with 622 students who play basketball, all of these students were volunteers. The students were divided into three different groups and were asked to wear sneakers that fell into three categories – high top shoes, high top shoes with air compression and finally low top sneakers.

After many games, the trainers finally submitted the results of each play and the number of injuries among each of the groups. People then were amazed at the results – high top shoes had almost no connection to ankle support.

The number of injuries that each group suffered was nearly the same. A total of 15 students sustained injuries, 7 of them wore high top shoes, and four from each of the other groups suffered from injuries.

Doctors, however, have pointed out the negatives sides of wearing high top. You would guess that because high tops and ankle braces are similar, high tops would not harm your ankles in any way. But this is a wrong theory since high tops secure your ankle in a tight snug, ankle movements restricted to some extent and long the long run this is a bad thing.

The more you work your ankles, the stronger they will be. Therefore, when you wear high tops, you are weakening your ankle gradually, and this will increase the chances of injury. If you wear low top shoes, your ankles would then gain strength in the time since flat top shoes do not restrict movements at all. That's why health professionals have determined that excess external support of a joint can cause your surrounding muscles to weaken.

High Top Shoes Reduce Risk of Injury.

If you bring high top shoes in question, then it is your ankle strength that would get priority when preventing ankle injury. The stronger your ankle is, the less likely you would suffer from an ankle sprain. Dr. Miniaci-Coxhead said, “The best prevention for an ankle injury has strong muscles on the outside of the foot (investors), and wearing high top shoes can cause these muscles to activate later and be less effective.”

So, in the end, high top shoes would only help your ankle to some extent, it is your ankle strength that is important. However, some high top shoes have built-in technology that is similar to an ankle brace. These shoes can help you prevent ankle sprains since the sharp tops reduce ankle inversion. But, if you compare ankle braces with high top boots, it is recommended that you go for ankle braces since that offer much better ankle support than high top shoes.

Guide To Choosing the best Ankle Support

When it comes to choosing ankle supports, you will find that many options in the marketplace, but not all of them are the best for what you require as for each type of ankle support which designed for specific purposes. First of all, you have ankle braces; then there are ankle tapes, ankle sleeves, and ankle stabilizers, you also have the high top shoes that have built-in ankle braces.

The highs and lows of high top shoes have already discussed, and so, it is time to compare ankle taping and ankle braces and find out which one is better.

First of all, both ankle taping and wearing an ankle brace can reduce the risk of getting injured during sports, and the case here is not like that of high top shoes. But it is true that ankle braces can provide you with much better support against ankle injuries than ankle taping can. That is obvious because of ankle braces made of sturdier materials then tapes.

Ankle taping also very time consuming, you have to tape your ankle as taping it without proper care will not do the job that you require and your ankle will be offered almost no protection at all, whereas ankle braces have to worn.

There is also the fact that the tapes will loosen after some time in the court and you will be open to injuries. There was a study which published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery where it found that ankle taps lose almost 40% of its support after only 10 minutes of exercise. Ankle braces have a massive advantage over this as if the braces become loose; you have to tighten it up, you cannot do this with tapes.

Sturdy high top shoes can provide you with more support than ankle taping can and an ankle brace will do much more than that. Whereas ankle taps are rather thin, pairs are thicker and more rigid and therefore would provide you with more support.

Ankle tapes have one advantage as compared to ankle braces; they are cheaper than one another. The cost of ankle braces depends on what type of ankle braces you buy. There are varieties of ankle braces out there; you have braces with space for ice packs, then you have braces with air compression support.

Besides the variety of types each brace can offer, the cost can also vary with rigidity, build material and quality. Braces that are ready-made are cheaper than the ones that are custom made. Braces are indeed more expensive than ankle tapes, but in the end, what good things are not. You will save a remarkable amount of time should you choose to wear ankle braces and the chances of being injured will also decrease.

So, in the end, if you want ankle support that can offer you with protection against injuries, not is more effective or cost-efficient than ankle braces. But, there is also the fact that you have to be comfortable with what you wear when you are on the court or if you are exercising. Ankle braces come in many types and if you think that something light is what you prefer, then buy one of a kind. You should wear ankle supports if you are injured, or if you play sports with high chances of getting hurt.

Choosing the best ankle brace

If, in the end, you plan on buying ankle braces, then you must decide which one is one of the best fit for your situation as there are many types of ankle braces out there. There are ankle braces that are light as a feather, and then there are braces that built like a behemoth.

Firstly, the most important thing is that when you are choosing the perfect ankle brace. You have to buy the one who feels the most comfortable, because at the end of the day, if you do not have an ankle brace that you feel comfortable wearing, then you would not be able to walk properly at all, let alone run and play the sport.

Ankles braces like Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support made for comfort for everyone. The most important things that, This Ankles braces made for running as the fabric that makes up the brace is right for sapping moisture. Moreover, it has an adjustable strap that allows you to set tightness to liking and reduce the chances of injury while running. The strap also allows you to set different levels of compression that means that this brace is also useful for reducing swelling after an injury. Since the brace is quite thin, you can even wear the brace with most shoes and not have to worry about getting a bigger one.

Secondly, you have braces that are specially made for support after you are injured. These types of braces are made to reduce swelling and therefore reduce inflammation and pain. Vive's Bamboo Style Ankle Support made from a bamboo-charcoal hybrid material that provides compression while also increases blood circulation. This material prepared from bacteria repellent fiber that keeps your feet odorless and the brace is very easy to wash. This type of braces, however, do not provide you with enough support to prevent serious injuries.

Next, you have the braces that are specially made to prevent injuries or re-injuries. Ankle braces like these made from a sturdy material like polyester, ballistic nylon or Velcro. Some of these braces can avoid the free motion to some extent, but other braces that are sturdy and made for sports does not limit movement at all. Most of these have the figure eight design to provide maximum movement and medical support.

McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace with Support Stays

McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle brace

Ankle brace like the McDavid 199 Lace-up Ankle brace has a sewn-in arch support that can keep you comfortable while also protect you from high-impact movements. With the adjustable laces, you also can choose the level of compression you want and therefore, you can choose the best level of support you want. Tightening it too much would immobilize your feet but without stopping blood circulation.

You also have ankle braces that are made to reduce muscle fatigue. CopperJoint’s Compression Ankle Sleeve will give you that kind of support. That will also help in increasing blood circulation, and the open toe and open heel design are perfect for people with plantar fasciitis.

So these are some of the types of ankle braces that are out there in the market, you have to assess your situation and choose the best one. There is no ‘best’ brace out there that can help you in all situation correctly; you have to find out the best one that suits your requirements.

Choosing the best Ankle Support for Basketball

Playing basketball can be the shortest way to sprain your ankles, but luckily, there are some perfect ankle braces out there that can significantly reduce the chances of injury during the play time. The quickest way to injuring your ankle is through your ankle is being twisted, and that is why many ankle braces are made to reduce the chances of that happening.

Most basketball ankle braces out there provide different kinds of ankle support, and some of those features include – sleeves, lace-ups, straps, inserts and so on. If you look closely enough, you will find, these ankles braces categorized into three different types. They are light, healthy and then there are the heavy rigid types.

Firstly, if you are looking for the best ankle support of comfort and sore ankles, then you can choose the light ankle braces. But you have to know that, these ankle braces can only help you regarding relaxation and recuperation from injuries, they cannot prevent you from getting injured, but then again, the light ankle braces are not suitable for preventing injuries.

Some of the best light ankle braces out there are braces like the Nike’s Ankle Wrap, they are very lightweight, breathable and can support you during plays. Braces like these are machine washable and therefore, reduce odor.

Secondly, the standard or medium ankle braces are the best one out there if you are looking for comfort and after injury support but also for preventing future injuries. Most of these braces built with lace-ups or straps that can provide you comfort while even as support against injuries.

Braces of this category provide excellent medical support while do not prevent quick movements. These braces are not as light as lightweight braces, and some of the braces require you break-in them, but once you wear them for a few days, you would hardly notice them at all.

Lastly, you have the rigid ankle braces. These braces are purely made to prevent you from getting injured, and so these braces will allow you the most protection than any other braces out there.

Since the heavy braces are made to provide high ankle support, they are used to prevent injuries and recover from severe injuries, but you have to sacrifice some comfort while wearing these rigid braces. The braces also limit your movement to some extent, but that is required if you want to limit the chances of an injury to a minimum severely.

Stephen Curry’s Zamst A2-DX is a perfect example of bulky ankle braces. This brace can provide you the support against the most serious of injuries that can happen to you. The A2-DX has a unique build quality that can allow you to adjust the brace no matter which foot you wear in on.

All heavy braces have a grip technology in them that prevent your foot from rolling inwards or outwards, which are the two quickest way to a severe ankle sprain.

These are the types of braces out there for basketball, but it is you that has to define the term ‘best,’ as the perfect one for you has to be the one that supports your needs and injury.

Are Ankle Sleeves worth it?

The definite answer is yes; there is no doubt about the benefits that ankle sleeves do the work perfectly and served the best. Doctors recommend it if you are an avid runner and almost everyone who uses ankle sleeves would recommend it to you and those who do not approve ankle sleeves most probably does not do it because they bought the ankle sleeve for the wrong reason.

The most significant benefits that ankle braces have are:

  • It increases blood circulation.
  • Reduce swelling after injuries.
  • It helps relieve muscle and joint pain.
  • It speeds up ankle repair.
  • It helps keep your ankle in the shape.

These are some of many proven benefits that an ankle brace can help you. Besides dealing with injuries, ankle compression sleeves can offer you with other things as well. CooperJoint, for example, had taken ankle compression technology to a new level when they included more benefits than just support against injuries.

They started to make ankle compression sleeves that made from anti-bacterial fabrics. They mixed copper with nylon to make a hybrid material that helps to kill almost all bacteria even after months of wash, this way your sleeve remains odorless all of the time.

CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve

Cooper Joint’s Ankle Sleeve

Cooper Joint ankle sleeves today are made of fabric that keeps your feet on the ground and reduces the chances of slipping. That is done both inside and out, while sleeves keep your feet on the ground, the sleeves themselves keep from sliding from your feet. Cooper Joint’s Ankle Sleeve is said to be the only product on Amazon that has a double silicone anti-slip wave.

Your ankle sleeve can also act as a thermal stabilizer and anti-sweat system. Some ankle sleeves made from breathable, high-performance materials can keep your muscles and joints at an optimal temperature as they made from materials that remain thermal conditions at any condition.

The anti-sweat system some sleeves have, keep your feet dry all the time, and that also reduces odor to a great extent. These type of braces are made to wear throughout the day, and some of them can be worn at night (specially which are not that tight).

The compression technology works wonder for your blood circulation. These ankles speed up blood circulation. Hence your body gets oxygen and nutrients quicker than you usually would. The sleeves squeeze your ankle in a tight grip that makes the valves inside your veins do an easy job, and they can circulate the blood for an extended period.

So, after all the evidence, you can easily say that ankle sleeves are worth every penny that you buy them. If you are a keen runner and you are suffering from an injury or swelling, then wearing ankle sleeves is recommended as your doctors and physiotherapists would tell you.

The finest Ankle Compression Sleeves

Ankle compression sleeves fall into the lightweight category in amongst other ankle braces. This type of support usually worn for comfort and less strenuous activities than basketball. Ankle compression sleeves are great for running, walking or even jogging. They can provide you with some support against injury when you walk or run, but not when you are on court playing basketball.

You would see that almost all ankle compression sleeves have an open toe and open heel design that make the sleeve breathable and comfortable to wear. Ankle sleeves are often used to reduce muscle fatigue and minor sprains. However, they also help you increase blood circulation if you do wear them.

Since ankle sleeves are very light, they are made to be washable, and almost all ankle compression sleeves made from bacteria repelling fabrics. That means that you can wear them most of the day and not have to worry about odor. Some are also made of sweat absorbing fabric that is excellent for running.

The compression technology that the compression sleeves have is to reduce swelling after you are injured. The sleeves fit your feet perfectly, but they do not tighten around your feet to the point of them being uncomfortable.

One of the best ankle compression sleeves out there is CopperJoint’s Compression Ankle Sleeve. This sleeve is exceptionally durable even after washing it for more than 40 times. You would see that most ankle compression sleeve would lose its shape and tightness after that many washes. It is also made from anti-odor and sweating absorbing fabric. This compression ankle sleeve is perfect for running and jogging or for anyway with plantar fasciitis.

Another foremost ankle compression sleeve is Vive’s Bamboo Ankle Support, and as the name says, it made from a bamboo charcoal hybrid material. Although this is not made from sweat absorbing fabric, it can keep your feet odorless. Like CopperJoint’s Ankle Compression Sleeve, this can also hold its shape after many washes. Another advantage that the sleeve has is that it is machine washable and you do not have to worry about it releasing color that would soil other clothes you have.

If you are looking for a unique ankle compression sleeve, then you have Sleeve Star’s Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve with Ankle brace Strap. This sleeve is also made from anti-odor and sweat absorbing fabric. However, the best thing about this sleeve is that it has an optional strap that can give you extra compression and support while running and also provide you with ease if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

If you notice, almost all ankle compression sleeves are made from sweat absorbing and anti-odor materials that make the braces light enough to make you feel very comfortable. Also, they can provide you with enough friction while running to stop you from slipping.

So, these are among the best ankle compression sleeves out there in the market that can help your feet stay odorless after hours of jogging or running and can help you with swelling if you are injured.

Can sleep and Ankle braces go hand in hand?

If you are comfortable always wearing an ankle brace, then you probably do not have any problem sleeping with them too. But is it safe to wear an ankle brace during your sleeping time? You apparently cannot sleep in heavy type braces like the Zamst A2-DX as they can be extremely uncomfortable when lying down. But how about Nike’s Ankle Support?

Well, doctors say that sleeping while wearing an ankle brace is NOT recommended. Ankle braces have many functions to help you with, like preventing injuries, reduce swelling after being injured or minor support when you are jogging or running. You will notice that all of these functions are for when you are doing something, or when you are on your feet most of the times.

Ankle braces are made to support you when you are doing something strenuous or when you are standing or sitting. So, ankle braces are usually made to wear during the day only. That means that if you are wearing ankle braces for an injury or swelling, then it is recommended that you remove it while going to bed.

However, not all braces have to removed as such. Ace’s Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support is made specially to wear when you are asleep. These ankles brace are designed to use for almost all types of condition. So that, you can get a good sleep after a long and tiresome day and not have to worry about whether ankle braces are harmful during sleep time. The brace designed so that your foot stays in the position that is recommended by your doctor.

If you wear an ankle brace to sleep, then you also have to worry about your feet going numb from less blood circulation as not all ankle braces are expensive enough to be wearable at night. Some braces can compress the swelling the injured area a little too much while laying down and that can cause you more pain than comfort.

The most important things to worry about when wearing an ankle brace during sleep is the comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing an ankle brace, then you will not get a good night’s sleep. In the meantime, that is even more harmful than swelling but which can be taken care of if you put a pillow under your feet, as it certainly is free from the discomforts!

Ankle taping is the more suitable choice when you are sleeping as tapes do not restrict your movements at all. However, you do have to keep in mind to not tape your ankles to tight. It is better if you use ankle bandages as they are relatively easy to put and much less time-consuming. That is better as many physiotherapists recommend sleeping in ankle bandages as they can help you reduce swellings.

In the end, it is mostly up to whether you want to sleep in an ankle brace or not. Although, this is better to get a doctor’s recommendations first as they better know of your condition. However, it is true that you should not sleep in heavy type ankle braces as they can stop blood circulation but the rest of the types are more or less okay, and it is up to you whether you are comfortable sleeping in them or not. Resulting, for your comfort its also very important to buy a best Ankle Brace.

How are Walking Boots for a Sprained Ankle?

Walking boots are specially made for after injury conditions and are not suitable for wear before injuries and also not ideal for playing sports because of how they made by its manufacturer. Walking boots for a sprained ankle is very different from your normal boots since they are usually built to be very rigid. They mainly do the work of a cast.

Walking boots provide you with high post-injury support; you do not need to wear braces and top them off with shoes which can make you very uncomfortable most of the times. With these boots, you do not need to wear anything else, though you can wear socks if you like, you can go without them.

The walking boots can be both lightweight and heavyweight. But both provide an extreme level of ankle support, but since these are technically boots we are talking about, they feel hot whenever you wear them even if they are comfortable and of course, they are not at all suitable to have on when you are asleep.

If you are looking for a walking boot built for support as well as comfort, then you can see at Brace Ability's stress fracture walking boot. This boot is very cheap but does not be fooled by the price because it works exceptionally well. The boots made of deluxe foam liner that is built for comfort while also having metal reinforced uprights for supporting injuries.

Then you have walking boots that provide exceptionally well support for severe ankle injuries. Air Cast's Short Pneumatic Walking Boot is one such example of a stiff walking boot that is more about supporting your ankle than it is about comfort.

But this particular boot is not solid walking support since this is extremely comfortable as well. So that is an excellent choice for a broken or sprained ankle, you get to be comfortable as well as have excellent support for your ankle. However, you have to know that not all stiff walking boots can provide you with such luxuries, while all braces built for the support your ankle, not all of them made for comfort.

If you are not wanted to buy expensive walking boots, then you need to understand which boot to wear given the severity of your injury. You will see that most of the time, regular sprains can heal if you follow the well-renowned RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate.

But in case your injury is severe like you have a broken ankle that leaves your joints unstable, then you can buy a walking boot. That will immobilize your ankle and protect you from most injuries so that you can heal properly. Remember, if you are in need of a walking boot, you have been in grave damage, so it is best if you put less stress on your injured ankle even when you are wearing a walking boot. Rest a bit, until you healed.

The best Knee Brace for Basketball

Basketball is a challenging sport for your body, and as such you have more than your ankle to worry. Besides wearing an ankle brace whenever you are playing basketball, it is also desirable to wear a knee brace for extra support.

All the strenuous motions like quick turns, high jumps, and powerful movements can wear down your knees, and you will soon start to feel it if you continue to play repeatedly. All these activities can also cause a knee injury given an extended period.

But with all said and done, basketball is also a very healthy game since it requires you to use your muscle a lot. So, to remain healthy while also prevent injuries, you should buy a knee brace if you play basketball every day.

Knee Braces help you against injuries by absorbing much of the energy from impacts when you perform lay-ups and drives. The compression technology also used in knee braces and that can help as a relief to pain after playing for an extended period. They can also be useful after you are injured, just like an ankle brace.

One of the best knee braces out there is the Exodus Bodygear EX-701 Knee Brace.

EXOUS Bodygear 7mm Thick Knee Sleeves Compression

EXOUS Bodygear 7mm Thick Knee Sleeves Compression

That has two small straps that provide a four-way adjustable compression system that supports your knees from the possible angles. This brace will allow you the full 90-degree bend that you would look for when playing basketball as you do not need much more than that while playing. So, in other words, the brace will not hurt your performance in the game.

This EX-701 made from neoprene that makes the brace lightweight; it weighs about 6 ounces. That has an open kneecap design that allows breathing room and prevent irritation even after wearing it for an extended period. All these features make the EX-701 one of the best knee braces currently out there at the time.

While the EX-701 will help you prevent injuries, another brace like the NeotericBody Knee Brace can help you ease the pain of an injured or sore knee. The design is quite simple; this knee brace, however, has only one strap above the knee while having an open kneecap design.

This knee brace is also very durable as it features a 4mm thick neoprene with spring coiled steel stabilizer that provides excellent support while being sturdy and durable but that does not mean that the brace sacrifices breathability and comfort.

These two types of knee braces are some of the best knee braces out there in the market, and if you have a sore knee or you are an avid basketball player than buying the knee braces would be a wise move indeed.

Can ankle braces cause knee injuries?

While there have been many types of research done on whether ankle braces weaken ankle strength or not, there have not been many types of research done that proves that ankle braces can hurt your knees. This concern mainly raises when someone you know gets injured after wearing an ankle brace, but since these occurrences are infrequent, no one can debate that the said injury would not have occurred if the person in question did not wear an ankle brace.

However, the University of North Carolina reviewed evidence that shows that wearing an ankle brace just might hurt your knees, although it is just a theory. They found that limited ankle dorsiflexion range of motion can cause an alteration in the frontal plane knee that could result in a severe knee injury later on. They found out that because ankle dorsiflexion motion absorbs up to almost half of the energy from the impact of jumping, restricted ankle movements could put more pressure on your knees if you play sports that require you to jump very often. 


Professor Padua, who is the chairman of the Department of Exercise and Sports Science at the University said, “In our lab, we have seen restricted ankle dorsiflexion motion in individuals who have altered lower extremity movement patterns—and in particular, when the knee collapses into a valgus pattern.”

All these researchers have been done by looking at tasks such as weight-bearing lunge and squatting but not through playing basketball. However, neither of these tasks displayed unusual valgus motion, which is a primary cause of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury.

It is evident that all the substantial advantages that ankle braces have to overshadow all the unproven assumptions and vague evidence about the notion that ankle braces can hurt your knees. That further solidified when you see that no physiotherapists or doctors say that ankle braces should not to wear for the risks of injuring your knees.

So, in the end, the assumption whether ankle braces can hurt your knees is just that - an assumption. Since there have been no incidences that directly relates to an ankle brace that resulted in the injury of a person who was playing basketball, it is pretty much safe to say that ankle braces do not cause direct damage to the knees.

Choose the right Ankle Brace for you

With all the different types of ankle braces out there, you must find a brace that best suits your needs. To do that you need first to understand all the three different types of ankle braces that previously discussed.

Firstly, the lightweight ankle braces are more about after injury situations than it is about actually preventing an injury. They are perfect for the late-stage healing of your ankles, the compression system in the braces sends a message to your brain to pay closer attention to you injured area so that another accident does not occur.

Since they are lightweight, the braces feel softer than other kinds of braces and movements are much more free and easy. The compression system mainly works on swelling in and around your anklebone. Since that, these braces are softer, and they also help prevent friction, irritation of skin and abrasions. You do not need to wear socks under them for fear of skin irritations.

Secondly, you have the lace-up and rigid braces; these are mostly about not getting yourself injured. These kind of ankle braces are bulkier than lightweight braces and therefore can provide you with a higher level of support. The stirrup (rigid) braces are the ones that give the most protection; they do let your feet move to ups and down, which is the standard motion of a foot, while it prevents your foot from rolling inwards or in some cases, outwards.

Almost all rigid braces contain plastic panels that protect your feet sometimes even when other players step you, given the accident is not extremely serious. But they can also sometimes restrict your range of motion, so you have to be careful when picking the right type of brace.

Even after all these, there are other things that you have to consider when you are buying an ankle brace. Some of them are:

  • Make sure that you buy the ankle brace that fits your ankle perfectly. Since ankle braces come in all sizes, only the perfect fit will help you in what you require.
  • Ask for recommendations from your doctor about which type of ankle brace you need the most.
  • It is essential to make sure that there is no gap between your skin and the brace as that defeats the purpose of actually wearing the brace.
  • Pick the one that you find to be comfortable while also considering its function.

If you are searching for the perfect fit, but you do not know the size of your ankle, then you could try going to a store to find an ideal fit, but if you want to order one from your home, then you could measure your ankle size with the help of a tape measure.

You have to place the tape just 5 cm above the bumps on your ankle (malleolus) and then measure the circumference, that would be the size of your ankle. A size chart is as follows and at the same time the ankle brace size as also as follows for both the men's and women's:

Size Of Your Ankle

Ankle Brace Sizing Chart



Shoe Size


Shoe Size

Check Price

Size 1

20 – 22 cm


5 - 7

6 - 8.5

Size 2

22 – 23.5 cm


8 - 10.5

9 - 11.5

Size 3

23.5 – 25 cm


11 - 13.5

12 - 14.5

Size 4

25 – 26.5 cm

Extra Large

13 - 14.5

14 - 15

These are close enough size estimation that can help you find the perfect ankle brace online.

These are some of the ways that you can find yourself the perfect ankle brace out there in the market. But even after these, if you are not sure about which ankle braces to buy. Here are some ankle braces that we think would be perfect for you.

2019's Top 6 Ankle Braces | Our Top Pick Will Surprise You

195 ankle

4197 Ankle

199 lace up ankle

461 Ankle

432 Ankle

431 ankle sleeve

Level Of Protection







Best For

Moderate to Major Instability

Major Joint Instability

Moderate To Major Instability

Major to Moderate Ligament Instability

Minor to Moderate Ligament Instability

Minor Pain & Sprains

Primary Materials

Durable Canvas

Lightweight Neoprene Blend With Memory Foam

Breathable Vinyl Mesh


High Performance Neoprene

High Performance Neoprene

Latex Free







Easy Wear excess

Front Laces With Strap

Rear Quick Wrap Closure

Front Strap

Rear Step-in With Strap

Slip on Sleeve

Slip On Sleeve

Support Mechanism

Figure 6 Strap

Figure 8 Strap & Molded Exoskeleton

Spring Steel Stays

Y Straping

Figure 8 Strap


Adjustable Fit







Non Slip Foot Bed







Easily Fits Left Or Right Ankle 







Check Price

McDavid 199 Lace-Up Ankle Brace

If you are a McDavid fan, then you will be glad to know that the McDavid 199 Lace-Up Ankle Brace is one of the most famous ankle braces out there and it is one of McDavid’s top selling product in the market.

McDavid 199 Lace-Up Ankle Brace

This product is a heavy type ankle brace and can protect you against future injuries while also reduce swelling. The build quality of this brace is fantastic if you can feel it. The brace is made up of highly breathable two-layer polyester and vinyl mesh, making it a hybrid. McDavid says that the brace consists of 50% PVC, 49% polyester, and 1% rubber.

Unlike most heavy type ankle braces out there, the McDavid 199 Lace-Up Ankle Brace does not contain any plastic cast on it, but this is favorable for a player as the lack of plastic cast helps with easier movements. Recently, as ankle tapes are replaced by ankle braces (which are getting more and more popular), most trainer, athletes, and coaches buy this to prevent common ankle injuries and support your return to activity and enhance performance. The brace is also latex free, so it would not slip accidentally.

Even though this brace is bulkier than lightweight ankle braces out there in the market, the brace is quite comfortable. That is because of how the brace designed; it had ventilated tongue and sewn in arch support. All in all, this has been graded as a level 3 Maximum Protection Ankle Brace.


  • Proven as one of the best in the market.
  • Spring steel medical grade stays for robust and reliable support.
  • Almost lightweight, making it comfortable and improves mobility.
  • It can able to give Level 3: Maximum Support for your ankles.
  • Ventilated tongue breathes with you.
  • Can be worn you either left or the right ankle.


  • Costlier than average braces.
  • Can be a little painful when wearing for the first time.

It is quite obvious that the McDavid 199 Ankle Brace is costlier than the average ankle braces out there because it is one of the better ones in the market, you can easily feel it once you wear it. The brace can also be a little painful for the first few times that you wear it, but it will eventually break in after a few days of use.

The level 3 maximum protection is best for moderate to significant instabilities – proactive injury prevention and post-surgical protection. Besides these advantages, the brace can also provide you with Soft-tissue support through compression and can promote healing through therapeutic heat. At the end of this McDavid 199 Lace-Up Ankle Brace reviews our team of expert said this another models of best Ankle Brace for Basketball.

The sizes of this brace are as follows:


Men's size

Women's size


6 - 7

7 - 8


8 - 9

9 - 10


9 - 11

10 - 12


11 - 13

12 - 14





All in all, the McDavid is one of the best braces out there, and although the price is higher than normal braces, it is very reasonable. So, if you need to find an ankle brace that can protect you from future injuries while also help reduce swelling then consider buying the McDavid 199 Lace-Up Ankle Brace because you most certainly will not regret doing so.

Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

The Zamst A2-DX is, without doubt, the most famous and probably the best ankle brace that is currently on the market right now. Yes, this is the ankle brace that helped Stephen Curry rise to his fame and glory. Ever since Step’s video of how the Zamst A2-DX helped him gain confidence on the court, the sale of the ankle brace sky-rocketed.

Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer A2 DX Mens & Womens Sports Brace for Basketball

The brace supports the Exo-Grid system, this is the first of its kind that does so, and this system provides the ultimate support for high-movement sports like Basketball, volleyball, soccer, football and many more. The brace built with premium materials and you can rely on its consistency and good reputation.

The Exo-Tech Skeleton provides excellent support for all kinds an of an ankle sprain, extraordinarily high ankle sprains. The structure on each side of your ankle is the part that stops your ankle from rolling in or out, therefore preventing you from being injured.

The brace also has the i-Fit technology, which allows your ankle to move as fast as you can. In basketball, running fast, lay-ups or cutting for an open pass is the key to success and the i-Fit technology will help you do precisely that. That is unlike most large type ankle braces out there that limit your foot movement to some extent.


Also unlike other heavy type braces, the Zamst A2-DX also supports the a-Fit technology which means that it tailored to you with an anatomically correct layout. That is unlike other bulky braces because most of them require you to slowly mold to their shape, which can take some time to do so.

The Zamst A2-DX also features grip technology, which helps you take full control of the game even when you are sweating very much. The grip system helps keep your ankle in place and prevent your ankle from slipping inside the brace.

Finally, the X-Strap provides you with all-direction coverage, that means that the brace helps you with full anterior, lateral and medical support that you could want in an ankle brace of such reputation.


  • Dual molded support structure that is anatomically correct for medical and lateral stability.
  • Adjustable fasteners provide fit for ankles of all shapes and sizes.
  • Anatomically correct for both left and right ankle.
  • Excellent migration technology that prevents the ankle from rolling inwards or outwards.


  • Pricier than average ankle braces.
  • It may hurt at the bottom of the foot.

Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace sizing Chart For Men & Women





5 - 7.5

6 - 8.5


8 - 10.5

9 - 11.5


11 - 13.5

12 - 14.5

X Large

14 - 16.5

15 - 17.5


Being the best ankle brace on the market and being Stephen Curry’s favorite, it is no surprise that the Zamst A2-DX is one the most expensive ankle brace on the market. Even though some people say that the brace is quite uncomfortable to wear, you will quickly get used to it, even to the point that you would hardly notice it when playing basketball as many users have already stated. Almost all customer reviews of this brace are positive, and the brace considered that Rolls Royce of ankle braces, you can feel the build quality of this thing as soon as you wear them.

The X-Strap consist of 4 Velcro fasteners that fasten around your heel and ankle to ensure your ankle is always sure and not loosen on the basketball court. Even though the ankle brace is uncomfortable at first, this will quickly break in, and it will surprise just how much comfort it can become. The brace is quite expensive and is considered to be on the high-end side of ankle braces, but if you are looking for support against serious injuries or you have recurring ankle problems, then no other ankle brace would give you as much support as the Zamst A2-DX can.

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace Support

That is another of McDavid’s excellent work on making an ankle brace that is both prevents and recover from ankle sprains. At the same time, this is lighter than the McDavid 199 but does not sacrifice support for injuries.

The McDavid 195 constructed of a single-layer polyester fabric that provides full support with minimal weight. That is a classic exam of a brace having the characteristics of both a lightweight and heavy type ankle brace and like its brother, the McDavid 199, its ventilated tongue breaths with you.

The McDavid has studied in many types of research and you would be happy to know that athletes that wear the brace when playing had three times fewer injuries when it. Most personal trainers would recommend you this ankle brace if you are suffering from Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. EDS is a genetic connective tissue disorder in which there are multiple dislocations of joints and partial dislocations (subluxations) which are painful and disruptive to quality of life.

This particular brace is one of the very few braces on earth that can proudly say that it is a lightweight brace but still can offer you a level 3 Maximum protection. That is made possible because of the design of the McDavid 195. The laces are the first layer that tightens up the braces for you whereas the straps provide extra support. This way even if your laces get loose, your straps can do an excellent job of holding your ankle in the game.

The ankle is designed to support wearing on both your left and right ankles; it also has a built-in anatomical arch that keeps your foot comfortable during the entire length of a game. As an extra luxury, the ankle brace also provides padded lining for extra comfort.


  • It comes with padded lining.
  • Fit for both left and right foot.
  • Built-in anatomical arch for extra support.
  • You are three times less likely to suffer an injury.


  • Has multiple straps.
  • List Element.
  • A little heavy for a lightweight brace.

The ankle brace has been upgraded to have multiple straps so that you can have better support from injuries but doing so makes the new model a little time-consuming to wear. The design is much more like an athletic tape with the six-figure strapping system.

If you are searching for an ankle brace with a seam down the middle of the sole, then this is for you. There are three seams on the bottom which runs parallel to each other, so instead of a V-shape, it looks more like a square. That makes the brace a good one since it is good for any action that puts a lot of torque on the ankle.
Another good thing about his particular brace is that it made for all size for both man and women and you would have no problem finding the best fit for you.


The McDavid primarily built so that you can increase the amount of activity you participate on the court; it can also prevent sprains that are moderate, can decrease anti-inflammatory medications and reduce pain symptoms. Since this is a lightweight brace, this does not restrict your range of motion at all making improved joint mobility while also helps Improve endurance. 

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

The Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace one of the best ankle braces that are rigid and can comfortably wear with sneakers. Although this a rigid ankle brace, it can provide you with comfort that you have never felt before because of the way the ankle brace is designed.

The brace offers an exceptional level of protection with a quick-fit single strap that is adjustable for both low-top and high-top shoes. The design of the best will leave you in awe. Most rigid ankle braces out in the market are like behemoths that almost completely covers your ankle, but the T2 does not cover much, in fact, it even covers less area than lightweight ankle braces.

But this design does not sacrifice any support from injuries as the main padding is built to hug your ankles and prevent them from twisting. The unique design also provides the player with the maximum level of protection while also allowing the maximum level of performance one could hope for while wearing a rigid ankle brace. In short, this is a sleek and small brace that features feather light, custom molded EVA padding that hugs every part of your ankle and is custom molded for perfect fit and the ultimate level of comfort that one could hope.

Unlike other rigid ankle braces, the T2’s anatomical bilateral hinge allows full up and down the range of motion. Like the Zamst A2-DX, this ankle brace is also perfect for players who have been injured before and now are in need of an ankle brace that could further harm the ankle.

While most ankle braces made for basketball, the T2 can also support player who plays volleyball, in fact, the classic design of this brace makes it the most wanted brace for all volleyball players. The rigid structure protects the front and back row player during lateral movements, jumps and dangerous under the net contact.

With new and improved material, the T2 is also ten times more durable than previous braces, and you can rest assured that all impacts and demands of volleyball can be withstood wearing this ankle brace.


  • A rigid brace with complete freedom of movement.
  • Can be worn on both left and right ankle.
  • Provides strong support for injuries.
  • Help to heal faster.
  • Used for both weak and injured foot.


  • Relatively heavy for something of its size.
  • It can cover less skin, and some people reviewed that the comfort level is medium.

Since this is a rigid ankle brace, you cannot complain about the brace’s weight; in fact, the T2 ankle brace is probably the lightest amongst all the heavy braces out there in the market. Also, the design of the brace allows you to wear it before and after an injury.


You will see that very few people complain about the comfort level of this brace, although some complains are there. That is because of most people not used to wearing ankle braces at all. Doctors usually recommend this brace if you have a weak ankle or if you are injured.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is yet another example of a perfect lightweight ankle stabilizer, and this is the choice of many athletes and trainers out there. Since ASO is a very reputable brand, it recommended by most athletic trainers and physiotherapists, and there is a good reason for it.

ASO has gotten good reputation by bringing a unique combination of comfort, durability and support all in one package by creating the ASO Ankle Stabilizer and the brace lives up to its expectations. You would not see a lightweight ankle brace that is as durable as this one.

This brace was made to replace ankle taping since the brace features all the support of an ankle tape while it takes a significantly low amount of time to wear the ankle brace. Moreover, you need to learn how to tape your ankle and if you cannot, you need to take help from someone who can. With the ASO Ankle Stabilizer, you do not need to worry about such drawbacks.

The build quality of this ankle brace feels premium; it made from cotton and nylon, the cotton is used for comfort while that ballistic nylon boot helps provide extraordinary protection against ankle sprains. That is also one of the only ankle braces out there that can give so much durability and support and yet still dubbed ‘low-profile,’ that means that it can fit inside any shoes that you wear.

The Contoured tongue provides an exceptional fit with lightweight but durable CoolFlex material, this also extends to the inside back of the brace, mainly giving comfort to your heel. That is one thing that is unique about this ankle brace as many people usually complain that braces hurt their heels for the first few times that they wear it.

The boot also features a seam that you cannot see on the inside of the brace to provide superior comfort. The shoelace is designed to be attachable to the tongue so that the lace is always in the center and there are finger loops at the end of the stabilizing straps to help secure the strap of optimal support. Such features make the ASO ankle stabilizer a lightweight ankle brace but still be able to provide excellent support. 

Like all the best ankle braces out there, the ASO ankle stabilizer can also support both your left and right ankle as a result of the bilateral design.


  • Lightweight ankle brace can provide support better than heavy ankle brace.
  • It is Machine washable.
  • Bilateral design to fit both the left and the right ankle.
  • Ballistic nylon provides superior strength and durability.


  • It is not returnable.

For the ASO ankle stabilizer, if you have first to make sure that you buy correctly the brace that fits your ankle because this brace is not returnable, you can quickly do this with the help of a measuring tape and looking at the size charts that given.

If you do not remember how to use a measuring tape, then it hold the tape across the part that is 5 cm above your ankle and measures the circumference, that is the size of your ankle.

This brace comes in many different sizes, and you easily find the one that fits you. The sizing chart is as follows:


Your Fit

Check Price


9’ to 10’


10’ to 11’


11’ to 12’


12’ to 13’


13’ to 14’


14’ to 15’


15’ to 16’



To be precise, the main goals of this ankle brace are:

  • To provide moderate stability.
  • To prevent sprains and strains.
  • Reduce swellings and decrease pain symptoms.
  • Help improve Joint functions.
  • Free range of Motion.
  • Maintains Ankle Joint Flexibility.

Nike Ankle Wrap

The Nike Ankle Wrap is the cheapest ankle brace on the list, but it still gives you that premium brace that you are looking for the brace. That is a classic lightweight ankle brace that features no strap, lace or stirrups.

The Ankle Wrap made of 58% Rubber, 33% Nylon, 7% Spandex and 2% others. The wrap is lightweight, breathable and comfortable but it does not sacrifice too much support. Since that made of so many stretchable materials, the fit is adjustable while also having a good compression system; it will not loosen over time with many washes.

Nike Ankle Wrap designed like a classic lightweight, and it features an open-toed and open-heel design. That is the main reason that the brace is so much breathable and the good thing is that this fits like a sock and you can wear it in any shoes that you like, you can even wear it under a sock and still feel comfortable.

The wrap is built to provide enough compression on your ankle and calf and it covers almost 70% of your Achilles Tendon, keeping your muscles warm and ready on and off the basketball court.


  • Adjustable to many sizes.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Cheap as compared to others.
  • Comfortable without sacrificing too much support.
  • Custom compression.


  • Does not able to provide much support as compared with the best lightweight braces.
  • Does not come in sizes over 10’

Since the Nike Ankle Wrap is so cheap compared to the best ankle braces on the market, there are some sacrifices that you have to make as you buy it. While it does not provide support for severe injuries, it is, however, an excellent product to reduce swellings after an injury and the custom compression system is good for your blood circulation.

That is without a doubt the most breathable ankle brace on the list and if you have minor sprains and swelling then this product is without a doubt the one you are looking for. That can support the fact that this the cheapest and most comfortable brace on the list. 

There is no doubt about how comfortable the Nike Ankle Wrap is as there are absolutely no negative reviews about the comfort. The only drawback of the wrap is that it does not come in bigger sizes, the wrap is also short for someone with thick bones. 

In the end, if comfort is what you are looking for then it is recommended that you buy this ankle brace as even you not used to wearing an ankle brace, you will have to get used to it within a short time. 


If you are in need of an ankle brace, but you are unable to find one that suits your situation the most, then hopefully, this guide can solve your problem and any other problem that you might face in the future.

Remember, no product is THE BEST in the market, but you can find one that is near perfect for you. Most products that are perfect for you might be useful to other people at all and hence you find some negative comments about them.

The ankle injury is said to be the most common type of sports injury in the USA, but they can easily prevent if you wear an ankle brace that you have ideas. Take your time to decide which is best for you and good luck in the game!

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