How to Make a Basketball Rack from PVC?

Most of the basketball court has several balls on hand. These balls used for both casual and pressing play. It can be a hassle to keeping track of all them. In that situation, a rack is a good solution. Most of the shelves are limited in a storage area and expensive. You can make a rack by yourself. It is straightforward to make and can save you money. By using some PVC pipe and a few tools, you can build your customizable rack. This basketball rack will help you to organize the balls.

To make a rack, you need the following things-

  • 1-inch internal diameter 40 PVC pipe
  • 1-inch 4-way PVC T-connectors
  • 1-inch 3-way elbow PVC connectors
  • 1-inch PVC T-connectors
  • 1-inch PVC caps
  • PVC cutters or hacksaw

By the following few easy steps you can make a rack from the PVC:

Stage: 1

At first, you have to cut the PVC pipe in the following dimensions and quantities:

  • 3-feet (four pieces)
  • 12- inches (four parts)
  • 7-inches (six pieces)
  • 6-inches (four pieces)
  • 4-inches (four pieces)
  • 3-feet additional tier ( 2 pieces)
  • 12-inches (four sections)
  • 7- inches (two parts)

Stage: 2

Connect a 6-inch and 7-inch PVC piece to the joint of a T-connector. Attach the second T-connector and 6-inch piece with the first one. Now attach 4-inch sections to the remaining openings. Attach the caps to the open ends of the 6-inch pieces. This pipe size sequence should form a straight line.

Stage: 3

In this Stage, you have to connect the inline joint with a 4-way connector to the 4-inch pieces. Then join the two 4-way connectors with a 7-inch section of pipe. Now attach a 12-inch part to both sides in line with the 4-inch connection. Now the panel should look like a low track hurdle.

Stage: 4

Attach a three-way connector to the tops of both 12-inch sections. Now place a 7-inch piece of pipe between them. Open the ports on the connectors should face the same direction. You have to glue all the joints now and let it set. Assemble a second panel for the opposite side using the same process. You can also add the additional tires.

Stage: 5

In the final stage, you have to attach a 3-foot pipe between each pair of open connections. The entire assembly forms a two-tiered rack then Glue the joints and allow them to set. After well place the stand is ready to use for organizing your new basketball.

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